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Odds & Ends

Devin D. O'Leary
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Dateline: Saudi Arabia

A jilted Saudi Arabian bride apparently stole her husband’s pickup truck and drove it through dozens of red lights, racking up some $80,000 in tickets—all because he chose to take a second wife. Reports say the truck owner’s wife was angry at her husband for getting married a second time. According to
Ajel newspaper, the unnamed woman waited until the night of her husband’s second wedding ceremony—at which point she recruited her brother to help take the truck. The brother and sister drove the vehicle though numerous red lights outfitted with traffic cameras and later posted a video of the traffic crime spree to YouTube. Dajiworld.com reports the wife managed to ring up more than 300,000 Saudi riyals ($80,000) in automated traffic tickets.

Dateline: Pennsylvania

State police say a New York man became enraged when he couldn’t get macaroni and cheese at a Pennsylvania Turnpike rest stop. The
Star-Telegram reports 47-year-old Kevin Nelson strolled into a Roy Rogers restaurant in Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, on the night of May 11. The hungry traveler became “angry and agitated and began to curse” after learning the restaurant was out of mac and cheese. Police say Nelson left the restaurant and got coffee from another vendor at the rest stop. He returned to the Roy Rogers and tried to order potatoes. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the restaurant was out of those too. Livid over the lack of side dish choices, Nelson reportedly became enraged and started “throwing condiments over the counter.” He was later cited for disorderly conduct.

Dateline: New York

In other macaroni-related crime news, police in western New York say they apprehended three burglary suspects by following the trail of macaroni salad they left behind while making their escape. The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook press release three thieves broke into the Build-A-Burger restaurant in the town of Mt. Morris around 6:30am on Sunday, May 10. The thieves stole a cash register as well as the establishment’s entire surveillance system. According to the sheriff’s office, investigators were able to follow “a steady trail of macaroni salad” from the scene of the crime. The Facebook post clarified: “It was later discovered that the suspects stole a large bowl of macaroni salad, which they took turns eating along the escape route.” Matthew Sapetko, 34, James Marullo, 35, and Timothy Walker Jr., 23, were all charged with burglary in the 3rd degree, criminal mischief in the 3rd degree and grand larceny in the 4th degree. Most of the missing property—though presumably not the macaroni salad—was recovered inside one of the suspect’s residences.

Dateline: Oklahoma

A grudge-holding woman is accused of slashing the face and cutting body parts off the corpse of her romantic rival. The Tulsa District Attorney is seeking an increased bail and has added the charge of “unlawful removal of body parts from deceased” against Shaynna Sims after she showed up at a viewing of the body carrying a folding knife, scissors and a box cutter. Initially, it was thought Sims simply slashed the dead woman’s face. But when the body was taken for cremation, it was discovered the woman’s breasts and one of her toes were “crudely cut and removed.” Sims now faces six criminal counts including interrupting a funeral and “unauthorized dissection” for allegedly attacking the dead body of the woman—identified only as “Tabatha”—as it was displayed in a coffin at a funeral home in Tulsa. CBS affiliate KOTV reports Sims is also accused of stealing the dead woman’s shoes. It has been reported the woman whose body Sims is accused of mutilating was an ex-girlfriend and longtime friend of Sims’ husband. According to Tabatha’s family, she died of natural causes stemming from a long illness.

Dateline: Massachusetts

The North Adams Police Department has issued a very specific request on Facebook. A post dated May 11 announces that local authorities are “urging everyone to NOT chase bears through the woods with a dull hatchet, drunk.” The post goes on to state that “if you see a bear, LEAVE IT ALONE and call us. We certainly don’t need anyone going all Davy Crockett chasing it through the woods drunk with a dull hatchet. It is just a bad idea and not going to end well.” Without naming names, the department advised that such actions will “certainly end you up in jail … which it did. The hatchet man was taken into protective custody due to his incapacitation from the consumption of alcoholic beverage. We are still trying to figure out what his end game was.”

Compiled by Devin D. O'Leary. Email your weird news to devin@alibi.com.

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