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Devin D. O'Leary
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Dateline: China

Fried chicken giant KFC announced earlier this month it has filed suit against three companies in China, hoping to put to rest rumors the company has bred an army of six-legged chicken mutants. KFC is accusing competitors of starting a rumor campaign questioning the quality of the restaurant’s ingredients. Among the nastier accusations: KFC has genetically modified centipede chickens with eight legs and six wings. The suit alleges Ying Chen An Zhi Chenggong Cultural Communications Ltd., Wei Lu Kuang Technology and Ling Dian Technology deliberately misled consumers by posting photos and articles on their social media sites. KFC China’s CEO Qu Cuirong cited in a statement “the stepped-up efforts of the government in recent years to purify the online environment” as a factor in proceeding with the lawsuit. The fast food chain is asking for 1.5 million yuan (just under $250,000) in compensation and apologies from each of the companies named. KFC is reportedly China’s biggest restaurant operator, with the Asian nation accounting for nearly half of its annual revenue.

Dateline: Georgia

State police say a drunk teenager set up his own DUI checkpoint along Route 601 in Lincoln Township, stopping drivers and checking their paperwork. According to the
Tribune-Democrat newspaper, a motorist placed a 911 call at 3:20am on Saturday, May 30, to report he had been stopped by a man identifying himself as “Steve Rogers,” a member of the state police drug and alcohol division. Officer Rogers, dressed in plain clothes and driving a vehicle with flashing blue lights, asked the motorist for his license, registration and insurance. According to the criminal complaint, the alleged cop told the driver “he was setting up road blocks, and that they should have read about it in the newspaper.” When troopers arrived at the scene, they found a car with flashing lights parked across the roadway and flares lining the area. At that point Steve Rogers—better known as 19-year-old Logan Douglas Shaulis—reportedly pulled out a CO2 BB gun and handed it to the passenger of the vehicle he had pulled over, saying, “I can’t get caught with this.” Shaulis also had a pair of handcuffs and a portable scanner with him. The arresting officers noted that Shaulis, who is not employed in any capacity by Georgia State Police, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He was charged with carrying a firearm without a license, driving under the influence of alcohol, unlawful restraint, possessing an instrument of crime, official oppression, criminal coercion, reckless endangerment, impersonating a public servant, harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

Dateline: Illinois

A Chicago man arrested on drug charges allegedly chewed through the seat belt in a police car because he didn’t want to miss his son’s birthday party. NBC in Chicago is reporting 33-year-old Lashon Stuckey was arrested on the afternoon of Monday, June 1, after police say they saw him selling $30 worth of heroin on the city’s Near West Side. Police searched the suspect and found several other bags of heroin in his possession. Stuckey was handcuffed, placed in a squad car and driven to a nearby police station. While en route the suspect managed to chew through the seat belt, causing several hundred dollars worth of damage, Assistant State’s Attorney Erin Antonietti said during a bond hearing on Tuesday. Officers were able to stop the man before he got out of the squad car. Stuckey allegedly told them he did not want to miss his son’s birthday party. Stuckey was charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of criminal damage to property.

Dateline: Florida

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office recently shared a video on YouTube and Facebook showing a Cape Coral resident dancing on top of a marked sheriff’s office sport-utility vehicle—an incident the 44-year-old man says was designed to protect children from vampires. WPTV-5 reports Christian Radecki was arrested April 7 after he was caught on surveillance video bumping his car into the back of a Lee County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle. He then climbed up on the patrol vehicle’s roof while music blared from his car and performed an extended dance routine to Hall & Oates “Rich Girl” and Supertramp’s “Goodbye Stranger.” According to a Cape Coral Police report, Radecki told officers he did it because a “woman with fangs” came to his door and told him a human sacrifice involving vampires was imminent. “Therefore, Radecki made the conscious decision to get the Sheriff of Nottingham to help him stop the slaughter of small children,” the report went on to state. Radecki said he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident and has not been diagnosed with any mental health conditions. He was arrested on charges of disturbing the peace and criminal mischief. In his defense, no children have been slaughtered by vampires in Cape Coral since Radecki performed his rooftop dance.

Compiled by Devin D. O'Leary. Email your weird news to devin@alibi.com.

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