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Odds & Ends

Devin D. O'Leary
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Dateline: Israel

Hamas is claiming to have captured a dolphin they say was working as an Israeli spy. According to
The Times of Israel, the Army Radio station operated by the Israel Defense Forces say a naval unit of the Hamas military brigade captured the sea mammal several weeks ago off the Gaza Strip. Al-Quds, a Palestinian newspaper based in Jerusalem, reports Hamas commanders spotted the dolphin making “suspicious movements” in a Palestinian port. Palestinian sources also say the dolphin was wearing “spying equipment” including cameras, and was outfitted with a device capable of firing deadly arrows. No word on how many Palestinians the dolphin was able to take out before being captured. Israel Today says the animal was dragged onto a beach in Gaza for “inspection,” but its ultimate fate is unknown.

Dateline: California

Los Angeles County authorities are investigating the theft of a severed human leg. According to the
Los Angeles Times, the limb was stolen on the morning of Oct. 19 when staffers at a nonprofit tissue and organ donation organization stopped for food at a downtown restaurant. A van belonging to the donation organization One Legacy was parked outside the restaurant at around 3am. When employees returned from their meal, the cooler containing a leg wrapped in blue-and-clear plastic was missing. “It wasn’t just a leg sitting in a cooler—that’s probably why the person was completely unaware of what it was,” Coroner Mark Fajardo told the Times. Officials obtained a DNA sample from the late donor so they can identify the limb if it turns up.

Dateline: California

Two people were arrested for trying to sell a stolen dog—to the dog’s owner. The
Riverside Press-Enterprise reports the English bulldog, named Gunny, was taken during an Oct. 17 strong-arm robbery. Gunny’s owners saw a listing on Craigslist earlier this month featuring a picture of their dog. The dognappers were asking $2,500 for the animal. The owners immediately contacted San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. With the help of investigators, the dog owner posed as prospective buyers and arranged a meeting with the sellers. Sheriff’s officials say 21-year-old Jamill Slaughter and 19-year-old Carla Martinez were arrested when they showed up in a Fontana parking lot. While it is not yet clear if Slaughter and Martinez committed the original robbery, they face several charges including possession of stolen property.

Dateline: Florida

Police in South Florida say a couple wrote their name and phone number down in the guestbook of a Palm Beach art gallery before robbing it of at least $6,000 worth of jewelry. Palm Beach police told the
Sun Sentinel 24-year-old Megan Ohara and 19-year-old David Ziskoski took a ring and a bracelet from the Attila JK exhibition at the ICFA gallery. Officers searching for the couple spotted them at a nearby grocery store. The missing jewelry was located in the woman’s purse. When officers returned to the gallery, the owner pointed out several fake email entries in the guest book, including “wedidnttakeit@gmail.com.” Two of the other fake email addresses included the name “Meg” and the correct phone number for Ms. Ohara. According to the police report there was also “a drawing of male genitalia and a woman’s face labeled as ‘Meg.’” Later at the Palm Beach County Jail, Ziskoski admitted taking the jewelry and adding the entries in the guest book. Based on the cost of the ring and the bracelet, the couple was charged with grand theft. “If I knew they cost that much, I wouldn’t have taken it,” Ohara said, according to the police report.

Dateline: Arkansas

The mother of a 4-year-old girl posted pictures of her daughter’s CVS Pharmacy-themed birthday party on Instagram. Sarah Fortune Gill of Fayetteville said her daughter sees the local CVS store as a wonderland of “snacks, drinks, toys chap-stick and band-aids.” According to Gill, her daughter Iris requested the CVS theme—which included prescription bottles filled with mints. “When CVS headquarters heard about Iris’ party, they sent us tons of snacks, favors and party supplies to celebrate. How cool is that,” Gill wrote of the party. Despite handing out CVS gift bags, complete with CVS-brand water bottles, Gill assured folks the party was “in no way sponsored by CVS.” She also noted in the Instagram post that the prescription bottles were “probably not the best idea for a party favor for kids.”

Compiled by Devin D. O'Leary. Email your weird news to devin@alibi.com.

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