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Odds & Ends

Devin D. O'Leary
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Dateline: Sweden

A man is accused of “revenge farting” after a would-be lover refused his sexual advances. Police in Laholm, Halland County, located in southwest Sweden, say a local woman reported the man, claiming his stinky response “disturbed her peace of mind,” The woman claims the man came over to her house wanting sex, but she spurned his advances—at which point he allegedly released the “revenge fart” and left. “It smelled very bad in my flat,” the woman told police. The woman said she was not in a relationship with the man, but did admit the two had discussed having sex previously. A police spokesperson told the
Hallandsposten newspaper the department was obliged to look into all crimes reports and will not be pursuing the matter any further.

Dateline: Georgia

In a story whose outcome will come as a shock to no one—other than the person to which it happened—a Georgia gun enthusiast had his leg blown off after shooting at a lawn mower packed with explosives. Authorities in Walton Country say 32-year-old David Pressley stuffed three pounds of Tannerite—a binary explosive composed of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder—into a lawn mower and began pumping bullets into it with a semiautomatic rifle while standing 75 feet away. Two other friends were with him, one of them filming the incident with a camera. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office posted about the incident on its Facebook page, saying, Pressley was “dangerously close to the object containing the Tannerite when the final gun shot round caused it to explode sending a piece of shrapnel through his leg severing it below the knee. Yes, completely taking his leg.” Tannerite is a patented product legal in 48 states. The product is billed as “non-incendiary,” but when its two ingredients are mixed and struck with bullets from a high-powered rifle, they explode. According to the manufacturer’s website, the purpose of Tannerite is to let long-distance shooters know when they have hit their target. Needless to say, a lot of people have been misusing the product—and posting videos of it on YouTube, of course. “Yes, it is legal,” noted the Walton County Sheriff’s Department. “And no, we can’t make people stop doing it. But why, folks, just why?” Pressley was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. According to WXIA’s 11Alive News, doctors were unable to save the leg. The Sheriff’s Department suggested people, “adhere to the warnings and use this dangerous material with caution or maybe consider other less dangerous hobbies. It’s just not worth it for a loud boom!”

Dateline: Vermont

Vermont State Police arrested a motorist after it was learned he was hiding more than 1,400 bags of heroin in his rectum. Investigators say 41-year-old Fernando Estrella, of New York, was pulled over at about 1am on Tuesday, March 29, in St. Albans City for speeding through a stop sign. A drug-sniffing dog alerted to the seat in Estrella’s gray Chevy minivan, but police were only able to locate a needle and a cooking cap. Estrella was detained and taken to a nearby hospital where a body cavity search uncovered three condoms containing 1,428 bags of heroine. Estrella faces charges of felony heroin possession, heroin trafficking and heroin importation. He is also charged with violating his conditions of release, after a November 2015 arrest for cocaine possession.

Dateline: New Hampshire

Police in the small, Northern New Hampshire town of Epping are puzzling over the dozens of packages of mystery meat which appeared alongside several roadways overnight. Police Capt. Jason Newman told the Union Leader about 30 to 40 packages of frozen meat were thrown from a moving vehicle about 200 feet apart from one another on Red Oak Hill, Rocky Lane, Old Nottingham Road and Route 87. “This is an unusual circumstance, but we’re certainly going to investigate it so we can prevent it from happening in the future,” Newman assured residents in the town of around 6,000. The packages found on Sunday, March 17, included a variety of meats including chicken, sausage and venison—all professionally packaged and frozen. “There was a pack of Angus beef, real expensive stuff,” Sgt. Richard Cote told WMUR. “A 20-pound pack of chops, you know, some real expensive, high-end meats.” Police could not tell if the meat was expired, as most of the product labels had been removed. Police are currently operating under the assumption that it came from a local store. “We’re still investigating what the motive would be in doing this,” Capt. Newman said. The person or persons responsible could face misdemeanor charges of illegal dumping.

Odds & Ends

Compiled by Devin D. O'Leary. Email your weird news to devin@alibi.com.

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