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Odds & Ends

Monica Schmitt
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Dateline: Brazil

confused seriema—a foraging bird native to South America that looks strikingly similar to Kevin from the Disney film Up—crashed a golf course in Campo Grande, Brazil without thoroughly thinking through his game. On Friday, June 3, Alex Baggett posted a video of the bird that has now been viewed more than 300,000 times. The bird took off with a golf ball that he seemingly mistook for an edible egg and bounced it repeatedly on the sidewalk, most likely as an attempt to crack it open. This type of bird is known for hurling prey onto the ground before eating it, an effective tactic when the prey is actually alive and not an inanimate object. It took this particular seriema a few failed attempts to learn that unfortunately, the golf course was not a jackpot of eggs.

Dateline: California

Five men—four adults and one minor—from Oakland were arrested by police in Vacaville, Calif. after allegedly stealing $4,700 worth of Red Bull. They were spotted on the evening of Friday, June 3, wheeling a grocery cart full of the energy drink into a U-Haul truck shortly before they were nabbed by police officers. According to police, the men “loaded the stolen product into a rented U-Haul van and sped out of the parking lot, running a posted stop sign and red light.” After a closer look at the contents of the van, police concluded that the Vacaville grocery store was only one of many locations that the men stole from. The four adults have been booked into the Solano County Jail and the minor has been booked into juvenile hall.

Dateline: Spain

On Tuesday, June 7, a shepherd in Huesca, Spain seemed to have counted one too many sheep and dozed off, causing his flock of 1,300 to wander astray. A concerned resident noticed the enormous group of animals traipsing through the center of the Spanish town at roughly 4:30am and called police to the scene. Officers eventually rounded up the sheep and brought them back to the shepherd who was meant to herd the flock at 7am to the Pyrenean uplands, located about 130 miles away from Huesca. The sleepy shepherd was still napping when police arrived with his flock of sheep.

Dateline: England

A restaurant in London called The Bunyadi has taken eating naturally to a whole new level. The venue, whose name means “fundamental, base or natural,” offers a phone-free, electric light-free and clothing-free dining experience, in which guests strip down to the nude before eating. After enjoying a cocktail, guests are invited to change into comfortable gowns before being led to an atmospheric dining area with private wooden tables and chairs separated by bamboo curtains. The restaurant serves food on handmade clay pots with edible cutlery, and booths are placed under a canopy of candlelights. "We have worked very hard to design a space where everything patrons interact with is bare and naked," the owner explained. "The idea is to experience true liberation.” One restaurant-goer claimed that she “didn’t want it to end,” and another described her experience as “so relaxed, comfortable, free! … It just worked.” The eatery is the brainchild of the same designers behind the “Breaking Bad”-inspired cocktail bar in London called ABQ.

Dateline: Wales

Last week, after enduring more than a day of severe pain, a woman from Porthcawl, Wales went to the hospital and to her surprise had a live spider removed from her ear. Resident Victoria Price, a member of the Newton Lifeguard Club, said her ear started hurting shortly after her near-daily swim at sea. “I got out of the shower and the pain in my ear was just incredible. … I assumed I had trapped water or I’d perforated an eardrum or something,” she said. The pain continued and she asked her husband to look inside her ear the following night. “There’s something alive in there!” he said. The couple went to the Princess of Wales hospital where alarmed emergency nurse practitioner Sarah Gaze extracted the spider that was indeed very much alive. The spider was visible in Price’s inner ear and came out rather easily. Price speculates that the spider crawled into her ear in search of a warm, dry place after her swim. Though alarming, the experience has not left her with a newfound fear of spiders.

Compiled by Monica Schmitt. Email your weird news to devin@alibi.com.

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