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Odds & Ends

Devin D. O'Leary
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Dateline: Nepal

We’ve heard of running out of a restaurant to avoid paying a check, but this is ridiculous. A South African adventurer is accused of hiding in a cave on Mount Everest in order to avoid paying the $10,000 permit fee for climbing the world’s highest mountain. Ryan Sean Davy, 43, hiked as far as camp two, which is located at 21,000 feet, before he was stopped by officials. “I saw him alone near base camp, so I approached him and he ran away,” Gyanendra Shresth, the Nepalese government liaison officer at base camp, told AFP. “I followed him with my friend and found him hiding in a cave nearby.” Davy had evidently set up camp in the obscure location in order to avoid government officials. Davy later asked for forgiveness on Facebook, saying his Everest expedition had “taken a very bad turn.” Davy told his Facebook followers that “when I arrived at Base Camp it became evident that I didn’t have nearly enough money for a solo permit.” He also went on to say that “even if I did they would have declined it because I had no previous mountaineering experience.” The impoverished and inexperienced mountaineer said he was “ashamed that I couldn’t afford the permit after all the help, preparation and what everybody had done for me during my training. It would have been a total embarrassment to turn around and accept defeat because of a piece of paper.” Davy said he decided to attempt a “stealth entry onto Everest” but “unfortunately the system caught up with me” because “expedition companies have no time for wannabe Everesters with no money so someone turned me in.” The trespassing trekker’s passport was confiscated and he walked and took a bus to Kathmandu for trial. He could be banned from Nepal for 5 years or face a 10-year ban on climbing in the country. He will also be fined nearly $20,000—double the cost of the permit.

Dateline: New Mexico

An Albuquerque man accused of stealing his mother’s posole has been cleared of all charges. Back in December 2015 23-year-old Jonathan Carlos Ray and his mother got into an argument, and she ordered him to stay away from her house. According to the criminal complaint, Ray later sent his mom a text message saying he wanted some of her posole. She told him no. The mother later found her gate open and her garage broken into. The pot of traditional holiday stew was missing. According to the police report filed at the time of the original crime, Ray’s mother “stated that she did want to press the burglary charge due to the fact that he did not have her permission to enter the home and take the pot of posole.” Ray recently told KOB-4 News he was hungry at the time and did not think police would charge him with a crime. On Friday, May 5, of this year, a state district judge dismissed the burglary charges, saying the only witnesses to the crime were Ray and his mother. Although she kicked him out for a while, Ray is back living with his mother and promised he would do something special for Mother’s Day to make up for stealing her posole.

Dateline: Michigan

A former Republican candidate for a Michigan House seat has been sentenced to treatment and probation for engaging in a very unusual sexual fetish. Jordan Haskins, 26, was sentenced on Monday, May 8, on eight felonies in two separate auto incidents in 2016 and 2017. Haskins is a habitual offender with a criminal history of multiple incidents involving a fetish he refers to as “cranking,” which evidently involves removing a vehicle’s spark plug wires so that it runs roughly in order to achieve sexual self-gratification. Circuit Judge Robert L. Kaczmarek handed down a sentence of long-term probation with mental health and sex offender treatment. “It’s something I don’t think we understand as attorneys, but he’s going to
benefit from treatment and counseling,” Haskins’ attorney, James Hession, said in an interview with mlive.com. Back in April, Haskins pleaded guilty to six counts of unlawfully driving away an automobile, one count of malicious destruction of property and one count of breaking and entering into a building with intent to commit unlawfully driving away an automobile. In separate incidents, police say Haskins broke into a Saginaw County-owned maintenance truck and took four vehicles from a Chevrolet body shop.

Compiled by Devin D. O'Leary. Email your weird news to devin@alibi.com.

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