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Joshua Lee
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Dateline: New York

30-year-old man was ordered by a judge to move out of his parents’ home last week. As part of a civil lawsuit filed against Michael Rotondo by his parents, a judge ruled that the man would have to vacate his parents’ Camillus home immediately the Daily Mail reports. Rotondo’s parents told the court that he has been living at the home for the past eight years and never helped with chores or paid for his expenses in that time. They claimed they’d attempted to evict him on multiple occasions—delivering five separate eviction notices and even giving him $1,100 to help facilitate his moving out. Rotondo admitted that he’d accepted the money, but said it wasn’t enough to cover moving expenses. In an interview with Business Insider, he said he became a father shortly after moving in with his parents and that having a career became a secondary concern. He said he had been “working here and there, doing things, but mostly being a father.” Rotondo has never lived with his child. He recently lost visitation rights and claimed the lawsuit was a related “retaliatory action.” During the hearing, in which he acted as his own lawyer, Rotondo cited a court precedent requiring a landlord to give six-month notice for eviction. The judge responded that a previous case had already created a new precedent and reportedly said six months was an “outrageous” amount of time. Rotondo then called his eviction “outrageous.” The judge ordered Rotondo out of his parents’ house and also ordered adult protective services to investigate the home.

Dateline: Florida

Authorities in Lake Worth, Fla., issued a statement last week that despite a previous bulletin sent to the town’s residents, there was no confirmed zombie activity within the city limits.
WPBF News in Florida reports that a power outage led to a bulletin warning residents of “extreme zombie activity.” The next morning, a Facebook post on the city’s lifestyle page quoted the city’s public information officer Ben Kerr as saying, “We are looking into the reports that the system mentioned zombies, I want to reiterate that Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity currently and apologize for the system message.” Authorities confirmed that the original message had been sent from the city’s automated emergency alert system, which was possibly hacked. They are checking all of the system’s other automated messages to ensure they haven’t been altered.

Dateline: Washington

Mussels found off the coast of Seattle tested positive for opioids, scientists say. According to
CBS News, researchers for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife use mussels as a way to test for pollutants in the area. Mussels are “filter feeders,” creatures that absorb the water around them to derive sustenance—and subsequently absorb higher concentrations of contaminants. Scientists took clean mussels from an aquaculture source and transplanted them in 18 locations around Puget Sound. The mussels were collected several months later and tested for pollutants. Researchers were stunned to find that in three of the locations, the collected mussels tested positive for trace amounts of oxycodone, a commonly found opioid with a high risk of addiction, as well as antidepressants and the chemotherapy drug Melphalan. The chemicals reportedly end up in the environment because of wastewater treatment plants. When humans ingest the drugs, they excrete traces of them into the sewage system. Despite filtration systems in place to remove these pollutants and others from the wastewater before it’s released into the ocean, enough of the substances slip through to contaminate the area. The mussels are unable to metabolize opioids, and are supposedly safe from its effects. “It’s telling me there’s a lot of people taking oxycodone in the Puget Sound area,” Jennifer Lanksbury, a biologist at the Department of Fish and Wildlife, said of the finding.

Dateline: Nevada

The world’s largest orgy had to find a new venue after a
hotel pulled out. Organizer’s of Sin City 8—an attempt to break the Guinness Record for the world’s largest orgy—booked the Embassy Suites in Las Vegas to host the stimulating weekend in advance. But hotel management was unaware of plans made by the group—numbering upward of 1,000 people, according to The Blast. After learning of the record-breaking attempt, hotel management informed organizers of the event that an orgy would not be “consistent with the standards and environment we support and consequently will not be permitted to take place at our property.” Guests of the hotel attending the event will still be allowed to stay in the hotel, but the orgy would have to be moved. With only a few weeks left and a large number of tickets sold, the chances of beating the record were dwindling. Thankfully, organizers were able to find two new venues to host the event. Sin City 8 parties and vendors will now be held at The Artisan Hotel, while the orgy will take place at the Erotic Heritage Museum. The record for the world’s largest orgy is currently held by Japan, with 500 people having sex simultaneously in the same area.

Compiled by Joshua Lee. Email your weird news to josh@alibi.com.

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