Odds & Ends: Fake Id Gone Wrong, Voting-Related Injuries, Joke Robbery, T Rex

Odds & Ends: Fake Id Gone Wrong, Voting-Related Injuries, Joke Robbery, T Rex

Devin D. O'Leary
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Dateline: Iowa

There’s nothing particularly unusual about a University of Iowa student who got busted trying to enter the Union Bar on Saturday, May 5, using a stolen ID—except that the pilfered driver’s license just happened to belong to the bouncer. The
Iowa City Press-Citizen reports that 19-year-old Steven J. Fiorella, a UI student from Chicago, showed up at the door of the popular college bar and presented an ID. The doorman, who remains unidentified, recognized the driver’s license “immediately” as his own. He notified Iowa City police at 12:55 a.m. that Fiorella was using a stolen driver’s license. According to the police report, the ID went missing in February. Fiorella was also reportedly in possession of the doorman’s debit card and AAA membership card. Fiorella told police he purchased the items at a party for $20. He was arrested and charged with fifth-degree theft and unlawful use of another’s ID.

Dateline: Wisconsin

Just how politically divided are we as a country? According to the
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel , a Chippewa Falls man tried to prevent his wife from voting in the state’s gubernatorial recall primary by leaping in front of her SUV. She responded by running him over. Police say Jeffrey Radle was arguing with his wife, Amanda Radle, on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 8, over how she planned to vote in the recall. Amanda Radle, it seems, was in favor of the effort to unseat GOP Gov. Scott Walker. Jeffrey Radle, on the other hand, opposed the efforts. When his wife attempted to drive to a neighborhood poling station, Mr. Radle stood in front of her vehicle. She reportedly used the Dodge Durango to “nudge” him several times. Each time, Mr. Radle would “retreat and reestablish his ground” according the the police report. Eventually, Amanda Radle tried to drive around her husband, but he leaped in front of the SUV and was hospitalized for injuries to his head, neck and back. Police told the Journal Sentinel this wasn’t the first time they had been called to the couple’s house, and they believed the two were separated. Gov. Walker, by the way, survived against his Republican primary opponent and will go head-to-head against Democratic Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in June.

Dateline: Texas

A teenager who allegedly tried to rob a suburban Dallas police station at gunpoint now says he was only joking. Keithan Manuel, 18, entered the Wilmer police station with a white towel draped over his hands. According to police, the teen walked up to the dispatch window, pointed his hand at the female officer and said, “Give me all your money.” He then told the officer he was there to check on a warrant, but added, “You do know I have a gun.” Several other officers stormed the lobby and arrested Manuel at gunpoint. Manuel later said he never had a gun and was only joking. “Man, I play like that all the time,” said Manuel. “I didn’t think she would take it seriously.” Police chief Victor Kemp didn’t find the joke very funny. “This young man wasn’t using his head for sure,” he told local reporters. “You hear of those World’s Dumbest Criminals every once in a while, but you never think it’s gonna happen in your city.” Manuel faces several charges now, including attempted robbery.

Dateline: Nebraska

Self-styled “entrepreneur” Tyler Gold has legally changed his name to Tyrannosaurus Rex. Gold appeared in court in rural York, Neb., on Monday, May 7, to argue his name change petition. According to his official statement, the 23-year-old businessman explained, “as an entrepreneur, name recognition is important and the new name is more recognizable.” Plus, he added, it’s “cooler.” After asking Gold to confirm that he was not changing his name in order to hide from law enforcement or creditors, Judge Alan Gless granted the request. Gold’s full legal name is now Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold. In his court filings, Gold did not specify what business he was in.

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