Pac Manual: Chasing The Big-Money Phantoms

Chasing The Big-Money Phantoms In New Mexico

Marisa Demarco
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PAC Manual
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When the Supreme Court ruled that money is protected speech two and a half years ago, it gave rise nationally to super political action committees. Though they can’t coordinate with a candidate, they can cough up an unlimited amount of cash to put a contender into power. The 2012 presidential primaries saw PACs spending far more than the campaigns themselves.

Even in New Mexico we’ve seen super PACs enter the fray, with New American Crossroads
weighing in for Heather Wilson.

We got to wondering about the PACs in our state and country. We wanted to know what they’re aiming to do, who their contributors are and where that money’s going. Stay tuned for this series, which will be running in the news section over the coming weeks.

For this edition, we’re profiling
New Mexico’s top PACs in the 2012 elections.

To the average voter, the piles of money spent on elections are astonishing, and with the rise of these unfettered political groups, the stacks are only getting bigger. It seems the folks pulling the strings would rather you paid no attention to the (PAC) man behind the curtain.
PAC Manual

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