Photo Essay: Pleather For The Win

Eric Williams
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Carmen Getsome (12) of Rat City and Muffin of the Muñecas prepare to jam.
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Missed the derby match? No worries. We got you covered. For a full recap, read Simon McCormack’s report.

Photo Essay

Muñecas Blockers (from left), Amanda Jammitinya, Killer Queen and Elviramental try to prevent Valtron 3000 from breaking through their wall.

Meep Meep fights for traction coming out of a corner while jamming.

Molotov Cocktease and Randy Pan call the game from the couch.

A fan holds up a violence-seeking sign.

Duke City blocker !Sabrosa! recovers from a fall.

Muffin of the Muñecas helps Swede Hurt, blocker for Rat City, earn her name.

Retired D.I.A. skater Tiger Lilly (second from right) and friends cheer on Duke City.

Rat City fans, who traveled a long way to dress like this.

Fans rally for the Muñecas during the match.

After each match, the winning team takes a victory lap. This time, because of the close score, both teams lapped together.

Kamikaze Kim warms up for the D.I.A. vs. DoomsDames bout.

Kamikaze Kim puts on a gun show during introductions.

D.I.A. Blockers (from left) Ikaika, Neko Chase, Carson B. Demented, Spic 'n' Span and ¡Sabrosa! leave the line to start the jam.

Kamikaze Kim and Neko Chase hold 67 Stitches of the DoomsDames behind their wall.

¡Sabrosa! (right) lays the hit on DoomsDames jammer Trouble Yumm.

Sarah Bruise tackles Cynder Block of DoomsDames. Yes, this was a penalty.

Swede Hurt spontaneously streaks with a blowup flamingo.

¡Sabrosa! challenges a call from Ref. Fair Game.

Amanda Jammitinya pulls on Kamikaze Kim to break the pack.

Coach Josh and Jacks2Win talk strategy on the DoomsDames bench.

D.I.A. celebrates the win.

Fans competing in a dizzy pushcart race at halftime.

A bachelorette pulls a skater across the line to win the pushcart race.

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