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Alibi Photos From Pride 2007

Laura Marrich
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Three Pride Festival attendees spread some love.
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Thousands of people lined up along Central on Saturday, June 9, to take part in Albuquerque’s biggest parade—and, from all appearances, the largest Albuquerque Gay Pride Festival in its 30 year history.

Hate-mongering protesters were at a minimum. Gaggles of brightly dressed children and pets scurried along the sidewalk, collecting candy and beaded necklaces. A singing, grooving, cheering throng of New Mexicans melded into a living picture of diversity, both on and off the gorgeous floats that glided up toward the fairgrounds. As one attendee noted, it was was the very definition of the word "gay."

And, as always, we were there. In our little astroturf-and-flower-covered float, we at the
Alibi added our own special mojo to that exultant cacophony of Pride. We dressed like campy characters from the ’50s at a backyard barbecue: Only in this family, the dads were with dads, the moms with moms, the teenage son and daughter manned the grill and the dog handed out treats instead of begging for them. In other words, we blew up the nuclear family. We brought out some of our favorite photos from the event, which we proudly share with you here. Hope we’ll be seeing you at Pride 2008!

Blanketing the Alibi trailer in astroturf. Yards of it.

Laura Marrich with Anastasia (Joseph Gutierrez), Miss Pride 2006 and cover girl of last year's Alibi Pride issue.

Kids in colorful outfits ruled the day!

As dusk settled around us, we sorted fake flowers by color. ROYGBIV!

You're never too young to celebrate Pride!

Alibi sales reps Kristin and Katie in their kitschy costumes.

What's better than an angel? Two beefy, gay angels!

Laura Marrich dishes out free copies of the Alibi at the Pride Festival.

Duke City Derby athletes pile on the brawn.

The Alibi Float Committee settles in at the fairgrounds.

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