Popsicle To Paleta

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Thank you so much for printing Jim Scarantino’s lovely description of Mexican immigrants and the creative contributions they bring to our city and nation [The Real Side, “The Popsicle Prophecy,” July 20-26]. Scarantino’s lively, colorful and all-American description of our nation’s diverse humanity brought a smile to my face, a desire to visit Paleteria Michoacana for myself, and, most significantly, a personal and lighthearted compassion to the immigration issue.

Sometimes good news is simply good news. Sometimes good reporting is simply speaking from the heart.

I love it.

Two For Trains

You recently ran a story where the owner of a Hobby Shop was quoted as claiming that his was the only all-train store in Albuquerque [Talking Points, “Chuggin’ Down the Track,” July 27-Aug. 2].

Mr. Hatch must have been misquoted as there is another all-train store located just up Candelaria from his store. Wig-Wag, LLC has been in business for more than four years, offers substantial discounts on all popular scales, has a huge website, and is one of America’s largest N-Scale dealers. He is aware of us.

Brain Malfunction

I am writing in response to a letter written by Jason Darensburg in the last issue [Letters, “Veto Vomit,” July 27-Aug. 2]. Mr. Darensburg, in your letter you imply that all fundamentalist Christians lack a functioning brain. Shame on you for your prejudice and shame on the Alibi for allowing such a statement to go to press. I doubt Mr. Darensburg’s letter would have been printed if these same remarks were made about Jews, Muslims or even atheists. If these things had been said in regards to any other group of people it would have been tossed out without consideration for print. This letter makes the assumption that all Christians are strict conservatives/Republicans, which is not true. I know my fair share of liberal Christians. Hell, I even know openly homosexual Christians. I know Christians who support Bush and Christians who oppose him. Mr. Darensburg, I do not agree with your opinions, but I know other Christians who would agree with you. To say that any one general group of people lacks a functioning brain (whether or not they agree with your opinions) just shows that you lack the mental faculties necessary to present your case in an informed and intelligent manner. Why don’t you try presenting your opinions without resorting to bigotry and name-calling? Your arguments just might be a little more persuasive and may actually prompt those who disagree to think on the issue. Resorting to nasty assumptions about entire religious groups will result in you preaching to the secularist choir, rendering your efforts to persuade readers who may disagree completely ineffective. As for myself, I am not willing to listen to anyone who makes the arrogant assumption that I lack a functioning brain based solely on my personal religious preferences. Some advice to those on the Alibi staff: I understand that you cater to a liberal demographic. However, I advise you not to print prejudiced statements about any religious group. It’s not only unprofessional, but downright insulting. Besides, isn’t the whole point of liberalism to encourage unity, tolerance and equality? Does anyone else smell hypocrisy?

That Burque Scene

A fantastic thing happened in Albuquerque last weekend. Burt’s Tiki Lounge hosted Portland’s The Prids Saturday night, lots of music fans showed up, and the ensuing energy was amazing! As a live music aficionado, I admit I don’t get out as often as I should, but last weekend’s show rocked our faces off. Local openers Unit 7 Drain whet our appetites with guitar-y synth action (if you’ve never seen these guys live, drop what you are doing and go see them now ). The Foxx turned up the pressure cooker with a simmering, rocked-out glam set that got everyone up and grooving. And The Prids whipped us all up to the boiling point with an incredible show that left us all wrung out in post-punk ecstasy. It was obvious that the crowd couldn’t get enough. We were lucky, sweaty fans to be able to witness such a musical melange. My point is that Albuquerque gets some amazing live action, and instead of complaining that “no one good ever comes to town,” we are actually full of fans who get out and support live music! The Prids told me that Albuquerque has been their best show so far on their tour—they loved the enthusiasm and energy. They’re already looking forward to next year’s tour through here and are surprised that our fair city gets overlooked by so many bands. The Prids thank everyone who came out to see them—and I encourage all of you to attend and support the live (and local) music scene. You will not be disappointed!

Ace Of Race

Pat Frisch, the morning talk guy on Citadel Broadcasting’s KKOB-AM, confirmed, in spades, Jerry Ortiz y Pino’s observations about "The Race Card." Ortiz y Pino writes of the disdain and denial that floods out when a minority group member points out racism. Indeed.

Frisch did a session that featured Albuquerque’s investigation of how much racial profiling the police department is doing. His statement, which seemed to represent a consensus of his callers’ positions, said the effort to find out if racial profiling is being done by the police is a big waste and should be canceled because everybody knows police pull every person over who breaks the law, never pull anybody over who’s not breaking the law, and always treat people with courtesy and respect. Most telling was Frisch’s insistence that it’s only minorities who complain about it so it’s either not happening or not worth being concerned about. The callers were really lapping it up, giving much praise for the guy’s wisdom.

Racism remains alive and virulent, right here in this city on the river. It’s being actively pushed by one of our biggest talk radio stations. Since that station is part of a national chain, we can assume it’s being pushed in the other cities where Citadel has stations. And remember, businesses pay a lot of money to place their advertisements next to this racist ranting.

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