Roaring Back

Laura Sanchez
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After a month's vacation, city councilors returned on Aug. 2 and ripped through legislation like a squad of superheroes. Crying “One for All and All for One,” they passed every bill unanimously.

Brad “Mr. Clean” Winter carried the administration bill scouring the city's Commercial-2 zones free of new adult businesses while easing prohibitions in manufacturing zones.

Sally “The All-Seeing Eye” Mayer's bill authorized video cameras for the city's two Animal Services buildings in hopes the cameras will prevent dog thievery and protect workers unjustly accused of animal cruelty. 

Michael “The Renovator” Cadigan carried the administration's bill authorizing $6 million in bonds for a comprehensive upgrade of the Albuquerque Convention Center.

And Martin “The Pre-Emptor” Heinrich nipped sneeze inducing trees in the bud, along with dangerous, derelict buildings and badly behaved bars. Heinrich attempted to prevent future condemnations with an ordinance that sets licensing and inspection standards for vacant buildings. Another bill required a nuisance prevention agreement before issuing or transferring a liquor license. A third bill sponsored by Heinrich and Cadigan revamped the city's tree regulations.

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