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Christie Chisholm
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When the Alibi was born 17 years ago, it wasn’t called the Alibi . It was called NuCity . Its first issue gingerly appeared on the Albuquerque scene on Oct. 9, 1992, a Friday, with a whole 12 pages. That magnificent dozen was created with a Powerbook 140 and Macintosh SE, with the help of a rented laser printer.

Last week, on Saturday, Sept. 26, the
Alibi was presented with the First Amendment Award by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico, an honor that feels both humbling and affirming. ACLU-NM Director Peter Simonson wrote this about the organization’s decision to grace us with the award:

The Weekly Alibi —in addition to having its finger on the pulse of the city’s arts, culture, cuisine and entertainment—provides a steady stream of news and in-depth analysis of such key civil liberties struggles as the movement for gay and lesbian equality and the defense of free speech.

A large part of the
Alibi’s mission is to give a voice to those people and issues that aren’t usually granted one in the mainstream press. I’ve only been with the paper for five years, but I know it’s something the Alibi has striven to accomplish since those first cobbled-together 12 pages hit stands nearly two decades ago. We’d like to thank the ACLU for believing in our efforts, and we’d also like to thank all the people over the years who have trusted us with their struggles, their victories and their dreams for a more egalitarian future.

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