Teens, Know Your Health Care Rights

Whitny Doyle R.N.
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Know Your Rights
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All minors, no matter how young, have the right to confidential reproductive health care services. This means your provider (a doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner) can’t tell your parents if you are having sex, if you want birth control, if you are being treated for an STD, if you are pregnant or if you want an abortion. Pregnant females can consent to prenatal care, delivery services and postnatal care without a parent.

Providers are only allowed to say something if they think you’re a danger to yourself or someone else.

If you have private insurance, however, your insurance company may send a bill to your parents detailing the treatment you received. If you are unsure, talk to your health care provider about your concerns. For a list of low-cost clinics in New Mexico, go to
the Health Resources and Services Administrationor New Mexico Public Health Programs.

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This just in: it’s not 2006 anymore! Please update your
teen pregnancy website.


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