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I supported the troops by supporting the same guy they did by at least three to one. That’s active duty, guard and reserve, here in the United States, over there in Iraq and Afghanistan and everywhere else they serve. Being there must give you a much clearer picture than watching network news or listening to left-wing talk radio. Or rock and movie stars.

This election was fun! Good was watching the exit polling smile wiped off the face of all the ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN folks. Better was the looks of bewilderment as election night wore on. James Carville knew it was over early on and called it for Bush while they all hung in there hoping some new math would save the country from, well, from itself I guess. Best was reading the letters to the editor and listening to Scare America the rest of the week; I really enjoyed that! One of the best things I heard was it’s better to be right than win. Of course, being right and winning is pretty good, too.

I hope Bush will do more of the same. I don’t want Bush reaching across the table to anyone. I want him to keep kicking them under the table until they get the message we sent them loud and clear.

Automatic Knowledge

[RE: “Seeing Red,” Oct. 28-Nov. 3] First, let me commend you on a very well written article concerning Heather Wilson's more obvious failings. To call Heather a Republican Party lap-dog would be a compliment. However (you knew there was gonna be a however, right?) you do no service to the cause of gun control by stating “giving terrorists and criminals easy access to automatic assault weapons.” Automatic weapons, more commonly referred to as machine guns, have been illegal for private, civilian ownership in the U.S. since 1937. You were eluding to semi-automatic weapons, correct? Do you know the difference? You should if you're going to be in the debate. An automatic, or select-fire, weapon will fire continuously, at it’s designed cyclic rate, as long as the trigger is depressed and there is ammunition in the magazine or belt. A semi-automatic weapon (rifle, shotgun, pistol, whatever) will fire once for each depression of the trigger, again, as long as ammunition is available. One is a machine gun. The other is not. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of firearms knows you didn’t do much study.

Beware The Nutella

[RE: “Know Your Ingredients,” Nov. 4-10] I too used to eat Nutella. But then I read the ingredients label and discovered that partially hydrogenated elements are one of its components. If Rob Byers and Tara Tuckwiller don’t know about these things, then such trans fat will likely clog up their veins and arteries, in time. Our hearts unduly labor with partially hydrogenated stuff. So, look out if you follow their tempting advise to out do yourself with too much Nutella!

Red Tide

Hopefully Nov. 3 was a day of mourning in the editorial offices of the Alibi (along with every UNM faculty lounge and yuppie—formerly hippie—coffee houses). All, it appears, is well with the world. With the exception of the two left coasts, liberal havens in the upper Midwest and the mega-metropolis’ of Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia (overwhelming out-of-state voters in their respective states) our country is definitely and strongly red! To say the least, election results were very satisfying. We can rejoice many, many factors of the general election (both local and national). I believe we should also rejoice in the election of minority candidates to the Senate in Illinois and Florida (one Democrat, one Republican)—regardless of party affiliation, their representation will serve not only their constituents, but the nation as well.

I humbly suggest that the staff of the Alibi stick with what you do well—and that is report on Albuquerque entertainment goings on—which you really do well. The staff, otherwise, sucks when it comes to wanna-be political journalism. Yes, even Neanderthal, uninformed, uneducated, church-going Republicans enjoy a concert or play every once in a while (when, that is, we take time from advocating world oppression). So … please keep up the good entertainment reporting. Otherwise, keep your liberal drivel to yourselves. Many of your readers are quite tired of it. Oh, and one other thing. “Na, na na, we beat ya!”

A Plea To The Lgbtq Community

How can we start a strong lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community? The key is pride. Pride in your self, pride in you what you do, pride in your lifestyle. Pride is not something that we celebrate with rainbows once a year. It is something that we should all feel the whole year through. Everyday when we get up we should feel proud that we are living our lives the way we want. When you go out, don't be afraid to let the world know who you are. Let your flame burn as bright as it can. Find stores that are LGBTQ friendly or LGBTQ owned. Stop by The Café Next Door and have something to drink. If you want, sport your rainbows. Why do this? The reason is that when you let the world know you are there, the world has to see you. Also, when the next election comes around, vote! Anyone who is LGBTQ (or any other title you want to go by) remember, voting is our most effective power and by voting as a community, we stop being a roar in the distance and become a lion at the door.

When we are all united, when we have a community that will stand up with us and demand that we be treated as citizens, not political issues, then it is not so easy for others to challenge our rights. What has happened in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma and Utah is horrible, and it can happen to other states or all of the states if nobody stops it. We have power, we have numbers, and all we need to do is unite. Remind those in power that we are here, that they represent us as well, and if they cannot, or will not, or chose to deny us our rights, they can be replaced. Remember, we have power within ourselves. We can make the world pay attention to us, we can make the world remember that we are all equals.

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