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Tim McGivern
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Meet Joe Blog. Here in New Mexico, when it comes to local and state politics, there is one seasoned wonk, one long-time news reporter and political consultant living large in his own Internet grist mill, that stands above the rest. Of course, “Thin Line” is talking about the inimitable Joe Monahan.

If you aren't familiar with Joe's world of New Mexico politics online, check it out at

Since launching the site in October, Monahan has attracted the attention of political strategists, lobbyists, candidates and local news reporters, who all want the latest New Mexico scuttlebutt, but apparently don't always know where to look. Well Joe's got inside sources (that's how he refers to them and don't expect the two-source rule or attribution to be backing up too many of the rumors). Like the catch of the day, Monahan says he “likes to keep it fresh” and almost always has a new posting every Monday through Friday.

So if you want to get the latest rumors about the governor, state legislators, city councilors and the scoop on which local newscaster is leaving town by choice (or not), Joe's your man. For example, he broke the story about Ramsay Gorham getting dissed by the Bush campaign in favor of John “Prince of Darkness” Dendahl, which eventually sent Gorham pouting to the sidelines with her short career as a GOP leader in tatters. Nonetheless, according to “Thin Line”'s own reliable source, the Republican National Committee folks in Washington, D.C., were not happy that the public found out about their underhanded attempt to leave Gorham out of the Bush campaign's statewide operation.

Of course, if the daily reporters made a few calls themselves instead of reading blogs all day, maybe Joe wouldn't have had the scoop first. Either way, we hope that Monahan's 30 years of experience guarantees nothing but the most accurate information and none of that—What does Pete Domenici call it?—”funny business.”

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