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Jessica Cassyle Carr
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Joke of the Month: Hot Singles– October is one of Albuquerque’s finest months for several reasons: The air gets crisp, the leaves change color in the Bosque, there’s a gradual citywide permeation of piñon essence and roasting green chile, the Balloon Fiesta hovers in all its glory and hype and, of course, Albuquerque The Magazine’s annual “Hot Singles” issue hits the stands. Yes, for the last three Octobers the “Hot Singles” issue has entertained and bewildered scores of Albuquerqueans—most of them in checkout lines at natural grocery stores—and this year is no different.

Two of them grace the cover, but a gaggle of approximately 40 “hot singles” lies inside, handsomely posed in a glossy spread, some in the midst of an activity that cleverly highlights their personalities, while others are represented in simple glamour shots; that is, with earth tones instead of glitter, and altogether less hairspray. And, as usual, the “hot singles” answer a host of “nosy” questions about their romantic preferences, such as “Do you Google your dates?” “Love me, love my blank,” “Celebrity dream date?” “Big wedding or elope to Vegas?” and back this year to gather even more silly and ridiculous local
flavor is “If your date were a New Mexican dish?”

As was mentioned in this column last year,
Albuquerque The Magazine does not pretend to be anything but a lifestyle magazine, therefore it can be forgiven, even praised, for unleashing such pointlessness on Albuquerque. Because, despite the innocent cluelessness and frivolity that lie in their pages, there’s a kind of priceless local absurdity that can be appreciated by only certain senses of humor.

Pick up a copy before the end of the month and see for yourself. I promise the hours of laughter will be worth the $3.95.

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