Thin Line

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Cry us a river. In a lame-ass attempt to convince folks that she cares about something other than lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies at the expense of America's senior citizens and under the guise of extending “a prescription drug benefit” to the very people that are actually getting screwed by inflated drug costs, Rep. Heather Wilson (R-N.M., unfortunately) literally cried foul on Wednesday as a House Telecommunications Committee spent two hours chastising Viacom president Mel Karmazin over this year's Super Bowl halftime festivities.

Listening to KUNM last Wednesday night, we were baffled by a deep-voiced woman who sounded on the verge of tears. “You knew what you were doing,” she said, her voice shaking. She went on to say that the “shock and indecency” would “move market share and line [executives'] pockets.” We were left wondering who this tearful woman was: a grandmother who doesn't own a TV? An overly-dramatic soap-opera actress? Tipper Gore? Before we could speculate further, KUNM's report identified the overwrought voice as that of Wilson.

Reading that Wilson delivered her speech with her “voice cracking,” as reported in Thursday's Journal, doesn't really begin to describe how distraught (and bizarre) she sounded. Luckily, thanks to your friends here at the Alibi, you can listen for yourself here.

For a politician whose voting record clearly defines the self-serving interests of corporate America (Viacom is one of her campaign contributors for Chrissakes, to the tune of $4,500 since 1997) to get teary eyed and ridiculously dramatic over a risque halftime show—it was just a breast, after all, and 52 percent of us, including Wilson, have them—and not over the fact that she's repeatedly voted against the interests of New Mexican children and families she's constantly feigning concern about is insulting to every resident of the state she supposedly represents. Shut up, Heather. And do some good in Washington for a change! And besides, with American soldiers still dying in Iraq, aren't there bigger issues to cry about?

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