Thin Line

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Where did you get that information? Our pawn of a congresswoman was on CNN's “Anderson Cooper 360” show last week, regurgitating many of the same falsehoods about Iraq and weapons of mass destruction that the Bush administration was taken to task for: that Saddam Hussein had an advanced nuclear weapons development program, that he received large quantities of uranium from Niger, Africa, and that Saddam is in league with members of al Qaeda, the group that claims responsibility for the September 11 attack.

By now, most major news outlets have uncovered that Bush's claims don't exactly hold water, and former chief weapon inspector David Kay recently stated that he could find no evidence of such weapons of mass destruction. “Turns out we were all wrong, and that is probably the most disturbing thing,” Kay said during his January testimony in front of the Senate. It now seems the Bush administration used the above lies to manipulate the public into supporting war in Iraq. But don't tell that to Heather Wilson who told CNN's Heidi Collins, “The most important thing was [Saddam Hussein's] biological weapons program, which we’ve now confirmed he was continuing to pursue up to the day of the invasion, and the ability to deliver those biological weapons against Americans on American soil.”

We've now confirmed? But David Kay has said exactly the opposite. “Going in we expected to find large stocks of chemical and biological agents, weaponized, ready for use on the battlefield, as well as a fairly substantial nuclear program. We did not find that,” he said in a recent interview on the “Lehrer News Hour.” (SH)

Thin Line

Talk about shock and awe! Josh Marshall, a columnist for The Hill, a Washington, D.C., journal that reports on Congress, last week created the first annual Heather Wilson “I think the American people are a bunch of God-forsaken idiots” Award contest. And guess who won? Heather Wilson!

After watching Wilson on CNN, Marshall noted that she was embarrassingly inept in her attempts to connect al Qaeda and Iraq, but really went overboard when she, in Marshall's words, “uncorked a beauty” about Saddam's illusory, ongoing biological weapons program. To which Marshall concludes: “She really needs to bring her data to David Kay and the president. The president, I think, would find Wilson’s new findings really helpful right about now. In all seriousness, where do they get these jokers? Lie, lie, lie.” Amen to that, Mr. Marshall. (TM)

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