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Sara Hiatt
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Blogspotting. End-of-the-year wrap-ups can be tiresome, but this one's so good we wish we had thought of it ourselves. Local blog Metaquerque takes a hilarious look at 2003 in the form of photos published by the Albuquerque Journal. From Mayor Marty kissing a cop to Shirley MacLaine looking a little freakish, the blog serves up 35 of the writer's favorite photos. “By ’favorite' I mean that these are photos that easily lend themselves to cheap jokes and snarky commentary,” the blog's author, Dagwood Reeves, posts at We're partial to the photo of the mayor goofily grinning while holding a giant bucket of money.

But Metaquerque hits the nail on the head by showcasing a variety of Journal photos featuring dogs. Our canine companions seemed to be the Journal's favorite local subject in 2003, and this display—many of which ran on the front page of the paper—puts the best ones all together in one great package.

Shameless fools and phonies. Want to know the truth about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Don't ask President Bush or British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Just ask Paul Bremer, who has governed Iraq since May. As head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, Bremer is the senior-most U.S. official in Iraq. And he seems to know more about that country's situation than either leader.

Bremer unknowingly took a shot at a statement by Blair, who had claimed British and American weapons hunters found “massive evidence of a huge system of clandestine laboratories.” When a reporter for a British television station repeated the statement to Bremer without revealing its source, the U.S. official called it “a red herring.”

“That's not what [U.S. WMD search leader] David Kay has said,” Bremer said. “It sounds like someone who doesn't agree with the policy … ”

Bremer changed his tune when he learned it was Blair, America's strongest ally in the war in Iraq, who made the claim.

“There is actually a lot of evidence that had been made public,” he said. Bremer turned his statement around 180 degrees when he said there had been “clear evidence of biological and chemical programs ongoing.”

It warms “Thin Line's” heart to know that it only took one reporter asking one question to show how bogus the WMD search really is. Now if only we could get some American news sources to report on this major slip-up. European, Indian and Asian news outlets have already carried the story, but we couldn't find the story in a single American paper.

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