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Tim McGivern
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Sticking Larry Ahren's brain up a bug's ass would be like sticking a BB in a boxcar, part 2. According to his website, Ahrens, the voice of 770-KOB AM's local morning show, is “Albuquerque's morning radio legend.” According to today's “Thin Line,” he's a jackass.

Why? Just check out Larry's on-air comment on Thursday, March 11, as reported by one of his listeners: “I know those of you on the left don’t care, but today is the 30-month anniversary of 9-11.”

There are several reasons why Larry is a jackass for making this statement. For starters, there are undoubtedly folks on the left who lost friends and loved ones in the 9-11 atrocities. It belies any reasonable understanding of human nature to think these folks “don't care” when reminded of this.

“Thin Line” also wonders: How did Larry know that not a single one of those widows who fought for the 9-11 commission to be created don't swing on the left side of the political pendulum? Or what about the firemen's union in New York City that lost hundreds of co-workers that day and have endorsed John Kerry for president. Larry, wouldn't that put them on the left, since Kerry is after all a raging liberal by your standards?

Our local morning radio legend used 9-11 for some petty, partisan political statement, and that's disgraceful. Tell us Larry, what have you sacrificed in these changing times? Was your bone-headed comment just more red meat for your hardcore listeners who take those ill-informed statements seriously? Is that the best formula you can come up with to fill the space between mattress commercials? (Ahrens did not return “Thin Line” calls or e-mails requesting a comment.)

Point is, 9-11 does not belong to one political party. All Americans—left, right and center—will always remember that tragic day. If 770-KOB is the station “where truth matters,” Ahrens should stick to reporting on the latest exploits of Joey Buttafucco and steer clear of more intelligent matters.

On behalf of an Albuquerque attorney who lost a close family friend (leaving behind a wife and four small children) in the World Trade Center attacks, “Thin Line” offers you, Larry, this opportunity for a moment of enlightenment.

Dude, repeat after me: I'm a jackass!

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