Town Square: On Germs, Love And Uncooked Foods

Local Celebrity Don Schrader Shares His Thoughts On Health And Connections

Don Schrader
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Don Schrader
He may not cover much, but even Don makes sure to cover his nose and mouth with a mask. (Rail Yards Market)
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Bad germs are not the main root cause of disease. Bad germs are the scavengers that can take over when the body is weak and out of balance. Much like fruit flies that attack rotting fruit—not healthy fruit.

In the late 1800’s, French microbiologists Dr. Antoine Bechamp and Dr. Claude Bernard waged a much publicized ongoing debate with Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Louis Pasteur, the creator of the “germ theory” of disease. On his deathbed, Pasteur shocked his attendants by changing his lifelong position. With all his remaining strength, he whispered in French, “Claude Bernard was right. The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.”

A worldwide study in 195 nations, released in 2018, concluded there is no safe level of drinking booze! I drink no booze!

Sugar is as addictive as heroin and far more addictive than cocaine. Sugar causes or worsens 60+ diseases! Sugar feeds cancer, mold, fungus, yeast, viruses, and all infections! I eat nothing containing added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The Max Planck Institute in Germany found that cooking usually destroys half the protein, 60-70 percent of the assimilable vitamins and minerals, up to 96 percent of vitamin B12 and all the enzymes (the life energy) and micronutrients (approximately 10,000) necessary for great health. A cooked seed will never sprout and grow—it is dead! We need raw, living plant foods—preferably organic. I stopped cooking my food 21 years ago.

I was severely addicted to sugar as a kid and in my 20s. I had surgery on both retinas in 1974 and eventually lost most of my teeth.

I saw both my mother and father suffer hell from preventable sicknesses for decades. Seeing them suffer woke me up and I changed! Now 74, I have studied natural health for 44 years—hundreds of articles, books, documentaries, speakers, conversations, my own experiences.

We all will die, but I am devoted every day to living health until I die. Why suffer?

Would a car owner put dirt in the gas tank and expect it to run? Sadly, many people take far better care of their car, house and pets than their own body. Most hospital beds would be empty and medical expenses would plunge if we all got serious about our health.

Hour for hour, the hours slept before midnight benefit us more than the hours slept after midnight.

Get sunshine on most or all of your body most days year round. Never burn! Start with a few minutes and increase.

Jump on a trampoline or walk outside—average an hour or more a day—plus other exercises. Too much sitting is as deadly as cigarettes!

Develop close friendships with heart-to-heart conversations often. Forgive and ask forgiveness. No grudges. We need deep human connections. Many warm hugs—when there is no pandemic. Loneliness kills…

No toxic chemicals at home, in the garden, at work or in cosmetics. Pesticides concentrate in meat and dairy when these animals consume only feed grown with pesticides. I eat no meat, no dairy for many reasons.

Sickness has two causes: Too much bad stuff and not enough good stuff.

The only material possession we all have from birth to death is our body. No other material possession can give us more misery or more pleasure!

I am deeply indebted to many people who have taught me, loved me and inspired me! I collect wisdom to live it and share it!

-Don Schrader

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Don Schrader

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