Tweets And Comments From The Drug Policy Reform Conference

Carolyn Carlson
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Tweets and Comments from the Drug Policy Reform Conference
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“Good treatment is user-friendly and meets people where they are at and does not force any one particular belief system.”

“Redefining Treatment: Don’t ask ‘What’s wrong with you,’ ask ‘What happened to you?’ ”

“Charles Grob contends mushrooms have ancient use and tradition for healing. Alcoholism, OCD, PTSD, end-of-life cancer patients.”

“Studies in countries that have heroin-assisted treatment for more than a decade show there is decline in new users.”

“It’s unacceptable that drug treatment is not available for transgendered people.”

Medical Marijuana

“For long-term sufferers, 80 percent report reduction in stress and anxiety."

“Marijuana as a sexual aid for older people, especially women.”

“Ethan Nadelmann: We have a moral obligation and political opportunity to help those in pain with medical marijuana.”

“NM state Sen. Cisco McSorley: No. 1 requests for medical marijuana in NM is from veterans. Medical marijuana is a patriotism issue.”

The Drug War

“It is the moral and ethical obligation of women as mothers, sisters, wives and nurturers to push towards compassionate harm reduction drug policies.”

“The war on drugs is war on people.”

“For 25 years military force has been used in Mexico. Results: massive deaths and increasing drug use. Time for a new policy.”

“War on drugs is a global human rights disaster initiated by the U.S. deeply affecting our citizens and soldiers. Legalize compassion.”

Web Feature

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Economy and Reform

“Global drug trade totals $160-332 billion, unknown total for global drug war expenditures.”

“We already know how to do this. Legalizing and regulating is not exciting. It is normative.”

“In a new drug policy model we would have to think carefully about the mix of social v. administrative controls.”

Teens and Students

"We know programs that teach drug abstinence don’t work."

“Mixed messages kids get: Say yes to instant gratification, no to drugs.”

“It is important to cultivate a culture of civic engagement for our youth. It is one of the best investments in our citizenry.”

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

“67 percent of the chiefs of police across the country feel the drug war has failed, according to representatives from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.”

“How to get resistant cops to change their punitive view on drugs? Educate them.”

“Rep. Maestas: Every hour a cop spends putting a drug user in a jail, is an hour they don’t spend responding to serious crimes.”


“Gary Johnson makes total sense on drug laws. Dems should listen up and stop running from this issue.”

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