Unm E-Mails Show Dissatisfaction With Sports Decision

Shane Farias
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UNM E-mails Show Dissatisfaction with Sports Decision
UNM Soccer (via golobos.com)
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With nearly one-third of the University of New Mexico’s football season in the books and the much-anticipated basketball season rapidly approaching, there is a dark ambiance concerning other athletic problems lurking just around the corner. The aforementioned programs are arguably the two most coveted in Albuquerque, but many fans remain disgruntled about the decisions made regarding the recent cuts to other athletic organizations.

On July 19 UNM’s athletic director Eddie Nuñez and President Garnett Stokes proposed the elimination of four of the school’s sport’s programs to the Board of Regents, which—despite numerous objections—was carried out. The four main cuts made to the athletic department were men’s soccer, men’s and women’s skiing and women’s beach volleyball. The plan in effect is also set to curtail other programs in the future including women’s diving and men’s track and field. This has understandably caused quite the uproar around campus and the general community considering the clear disputes from athletes, coaches, parents and alumni.

Stokes and Nuñez are each in their first year on the job and have received heavy criticism not only during but since the event.
The Albuquerque Journal reports the newspaper has obtained more than 300 e-mails through a public records request—from what it sounds like, the e-mails in question are not necessarily amicable, but can anyone really blame them for their inherent criticism?

Many of the e-mails sent tend to include the words “boycott” and “renounce,” amongst a plethora of other insults. But if anyone remembers being cut from a sports team at a young age, then this should be relatable. No one likes to be unincluded. And while the decision in place will not take effect until the 2019/2020 season, we can most likely expect a decent amount of student-athlete transfers as well as an immediate backlash for reinstatement from officials as well as fans and those alike.

There may be a concern heading into each season under what some might call a tumultuous off-season; however, the necessary “light at the end of the tunnel” cliché can always be put into place. The decision has been made but don’t rule out the imminent protests as we delve further into the Lobo’s season.
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