Vote Like Your Life Depends On It

We Can’t Afford To Be Lazy About This One

Tierna Unruh-Enos
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application for absentee ballot
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Despite all the “plandemic” theories, the June 2 primary election is happening. This past April, the New Mexico Supreme Court denied Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s bid to make the ballot completely mail-in, it’s still an enticing and health-conscious way of voting.

Part of the Supreme Court’s order requires the Bernalillo County clerk’s office to send absentee ballot applications to every registered voter. Each voter then sends the application in to the county clerk and you’ll be mailed a ballot. The Republican part of New Mexico protested the move to a full mail-in ballot because they argued it would “invite voter fraud.”

As if you needed a reason to vote these days, let’s start with the most important, make your voice heard. Maybe Biden was never your choice for the Democratic nomination, and you wanted Uncle Bernie. We get it. Right now, that’s not reality and we are stuck with him. Unless you’re a fan of how the Trump administration has handled the past four years and this disastrous response (or lack of) to COVID-19, maybe it’s time for someone else to have a shot.

You do still have time to do this before the deadline. All applications for an absentee ballot are due by May 28. Ballots are due to the county clerk’s office no later than June 2 at 7 p.m. Keep in mind, you must be registered with a major political party, (Republican, Democrat or Libertarian) in order to mail in your application or to vote in-person for the primary.

If you’re fine with standing in line to vote in-person, you can and should do that instead. All voting locations are mandated to follow any current state health guidelines. To find a voting site near you, head over to

So mask up, or mail out and get out the vote.
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