What A Difference A Day Makes

Laura Sanchez
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After enduring the gooey dishonesty of Bush's State of the Union speech, it was heartening to spend the next evening, Wednesday, Jan. 21, seeing Albuquerqeans debate in good faith the emotionally fraught and technically complex WIPP shipment bill. Council President Michael Cadigan was absent and Vice President Eric Griego chaired the meeting.

Chief Financial Officer Gail Reese presented the city's five-year financial forecast. She emphasized repeatedly that the city did not have a projected $10 million deficit, but a projected $10 million gap between revenues and expenses that would require budget adjustments.

A bill authorizing over $77 million to both refinance airport bonds at lower interest rates and pay for new construction passed unanimously, as did a bill allowing corrections officers to vote on retirement issues.

Griego won deferral until Feb. 2, of a bill suing the state over water issues, hoping to get a better sense of what might happen during the state legislative session. Also deferred was a bill further defining land use policy based on the Planned Growth Strategy.

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