What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

Laura Sanchez
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Council president Brad Winter began the Nov. 21 meeting by presenting engraved Nambé ware platters to departing councilors Miguel Gómez and Tina Cummins. Cummins, who said she would be seeing the other councilors often but wouldn’t miss council meetings, left shortly after.

Gómez mentioned what he considered his top three accomplishments: balancing the city budget with minimum job cuts, sponsoring an anti-predatory lending bill, and taking the lead on reconstruction of the Coors/I-40 interchange. Gómez left at the council’s dinner break after warning his colleagues to keep a close eye on Westland Development Corp.

Councilor Eric Griego arrived late, fresh off his new state economic development job. After receiving his platter, he thanked District 3 constituents and urged more citizens to become politically active. Griego stayed for the meeting, pushing through a bill requiring the city to initiate efforts before July 2006 to supply a citywide, affordable mix of Internet access systems.

Councilor Michael Cadigan’s bill discouraging the rezoning of more Westside property to residential use in areas where schools exceed their design capacity passed unanimously, as did Cadigan’s bill renaming the currently undeveloped Squaw Road in District 5 as Rosa Parks Road in memory of the civil rights activist.

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