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Regarding the article about Louisiana-based Location Manager Wise Wolfe turning Albuquerque into Pittsburgh, Penn. [Profile, “On Location,” April 5-11]. Having worked as a location scout on Wise’s staff I would just like to add that he had a crew of hard-working and diligent New Mexicans helping him solve that seemingly impossible task—to say nothing of the Art Department and their crew performing their magic as well. I enjoyed working for Wise and know he would be the first to acknowledge the help and contribution made by many of the local crew.

With so many New Mexicans working so hard to build a healthy and prosperous film industry, it’s important to acknowledge that we know as much about making movies as anyone in the world.

“Protect” Starts With “P”

In response to the disgruntled smokers who seek to protect their addictions in the guise of protecting my “rights.” [Letters, “A Little Less Free,” March 29-April 4] … I have the right to urinate. Your table, or mine?

Dear Old Golden Rule Days

First, answer me this: Would it be wrong to say that in the United States, today, protection of civil rights is of primary concern? Would I be wrong in describing civil rights defense as avid, even emphatic? I think not. Would it be inaccurate to say that discrimination against essentially any category of people is, in the United States today, constitutionally prohibited? Not so much.

Then how, I beg anyone to explain, does this city get away with totally trampling on the rights of a huge group of law-abiding citizens based on age? Currently, an agreement exists between Albuquerque mall security and APS permitting the escort of all “school-age” citizens (some of which are legally adults) off of mall premises during “school hours.” How is this legal procedure within the bounds of the constitution? The intention is right-on, true, if students can’t ditch to hang out at a nearby mall, maybe they’ll just stay in school, right?

Fair enough. But this procedure also serves to prevent “school-age” students with the day off, legal high-school dropouts and “school-age” visitors of Albuquerque from going shopping in their leisure time. How is this just? Can the mall deny service to people because of their age? Could I open a store, hire security guards and instruct them to escort all paying customers over the age of 70 off of the premises because they’re old? Well, it is true that mattress stores can deny entry to unaccompanied minors because they tend to play on the furniture, so perhaps age is grounds for the denial of civil rights. But is this not wrong? Should we stand for this? Discrimination is discrimination, and (I’m fairly certain) rights are rights.

For The Love Of Christ

On Easter morning, I decided to find a church I could walk to, since I am new to Albuquerque and do not yet have a church. I chose City on a Hill at the Lobo Theater. When I arrived, I found the lobby bustling with a wonderful diversity of individuals. After speaking with a dear woman of genuine compassion and warmth, I asked a question that would determine whether I would stay for the worship service or spend this Easter morning absent from those who share my love of Christ.

When I asked her if City on a Hill was gay-friendly, I was told that as I came to know Christ more deeply, I would probably choose celibacy since the homosexual lifestyle was clearly unbiblical. To be fair, I was also told I would be welcomed into the church regardless. The woman with whom I spoke was genuinely compassionate. When I asked her how she would feel if she could express her love for her husband in every way possible except physically, she spoke of the context of "a legitimate relationship." When I told her of my commitment to my partner of 15 years and how I’d gladly marry if the law allowed, we reached a sad impasse. Both of us had tears in our eyes. She took my hand. With less heart this time, she asked if I’d stay. I found it difficult to walk out that door on Easter morning.

When I returned home, I phoned my partner who is currently long distance and read her a poem I had written for her before I left for church in the morning. Then I told her what had happened at the church. I also told her that I respected the woman with whom I could never agree.

Next Sunday I will ask the same question of the Presbyterian church on Eubank. I hope the arms of their diversity are wide enough to embrace every daughter and son of Jesus Christ.


CORRECTION: In last week’s "A Man is a City is a Man" [April 5-11], we stated Albuquerque placed 39 th in the Men’s Health Magazine fitness ratings. This is true. However, we failed to mention Burque is No. 1, according to Men’s Fitness Magazine , which is also the magazine that last year put the Duke City in 13 th place. The Alibi regrets the omission.

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