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1. The state’s train

7. The
Alibi ‘s original mascot

8. “Ask a _____”

10. _____ 101.5, independent radio in Santa Fe

12. AM radio host who accused the city of shortening yellow light times

15. Banned as animal cruelty

16. “Best of _____”

17. The Apple product that got way too much media attention this year

18. The team that formed from the ashes of women’s football outfit the New Mexico Burn

20. “Ortiz y _____”

21. What our railroad crossings could become

22. The afternoon paper that was almost shut down

23. This church is in the process of purchasing the Gizmo building Downtown

24. Men walked a mile this year in this shoe to make a point about gender violence

27. The mayor wants this animal to come to the Rio Grande Zoo to increase tourism

28. A husband-wife team in Albuquerque is the largest exporter in the world of these

30. Rightful name of the 55,000 acres of land sold to SunCal Companies last year

32. Faced a recall election on Oct. 2

33. What the
Alibi is

37. The city spent more than $800,000 on these structures off I-40

38. The new city councilor in District 6

40. _____ percent of New Mexico’s National Guard could be in Iraq by 2010

43. At a protest outside of Kirtland Airforce Base, APD ordered one woman to remove this

44. Your favorite weekly paper has a strange obsession with this cryptozoological creature

46. South Valley monster burning

47. The kind of theft that increased 42 percent last year

51. The
Alibi ‘s age

52. The undefeated Duke City Derby champions

56. Shopping district near UNM

57. Was made legal for medical purposes in the state earlier this year

58. The great grade-change scandal of 2007 happened at this school

59. The City Council has a rocky relationship with this political figure

60. Overzealous city and county workers painted over legal _____

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2. These traffic moneymakers have caused a raging controversy in Albuquerque since they were instituted

3. Beat Mayor Chavez in an
Albuquerque Journal poll about who the next governor will be

4. New Mexico’s attorney general

5. Our state’s new area code is also the syllabic requirement for this form of poetry

6. _____ was banned in all places of business statewide starting this year

9. The minimum wage is $9.50 in _____

11. Many writers of this literary genre reside in New Mexico

13. APS Security wants these

14. Another word for street performer

19. Former State Treasurer Michael Montoya pleaded guilty to one count of this

21. Albuquerque neighbor that wants to be its own city

25. Columnist of “The Real Side”

26. Also known as "The Urinal"

27. Used for the first time in a citywide election this year

29. Drinking water source next year

31. Mesa del _____

34. Beware of repeating in a bathroom

35. He who collects "World of Warcraft" money and sells it for real money

36. The controversial coal-fired power plant coming to the state

39. Paranormal sleuth Benjamin _____

41. Barefooted funnymen

42. Resigned as Rio Rancho’s mayor

45. Allows developments to be subsidized by the city, to be paid back later by residents within the developments

48. Branding nickname for Albuquerque

49. Bi-annual festival hosted by the Alibi

50. Will soon be vacating his long-held Senate seat

53. Our public utility

54. Name of the animal shelter director who was let go early this fall

55. The state won’t _____ medical marijuana

The answers! Don’t peek!

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