Your 2005 Local Election

Tim McGivern
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Because we know you are as excited as we are, here’s a list of candidates who qualified for the Oct. 4 municipal election, as of Aug. 8. As always, look for our comprehensive election issue, complete with candidate interviews and endorsements, on racks Sept. 15.

The deadline for candidates to turn in petitions was July 29, but City Clerk Judy Chavez said three candidates, John Carreathers and Juan Jose Peña in the District 3 City Council race, and Judy Espinosa, in the mayor’s race, could resubmit enough corrected signatures by Aug. 12 and still possibly qualify for the ballot. On Aug. 11 there will be a public drawing to determine the order these names will appear on the ballot. And apologies to David Steele. We mistakenly reported last week that his name would not appear on the ballot. See for a complete explanation.

Eric Griego
Brad Winter
Martin J. Chavez
David Steele

District 1, City Council
Miguel Gómez
Ken Sanchez

District 3, City Council
Diana Dorn Jones
Isaac Benton

District 5, City Council
Michael Cadigan
Betty Valdez

District 7, City Council
Marianne Dickinson
Wayne A. Johnson
Sally Mayer

District 9, City Council
Christopher Catechis
Vivian Cordova
Tina L. Cummins
Don Harris

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