Your Ballot, Your Choices

A Facsimile Ballot For Your Perusal

August March
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Dear Citizens: Here’s a peek at this year’s ballot.

District 2 City Council

• Steven Baca

• Isaac Benton *

• Joseph R. Griego

• Robert Blanquera Nelson

• Zachary Quintero

• Connie Vigil

District 4 City Council

• Brook L. Bassan

• Athena Ann Christodoulou

• Ane C. Romero *

District 6 City Council

• Patrick M. Davis *

• Gina Naomi Dennis

District 8 City Council

• Trudy E. Jones

• Maurreen Skowran *

CNM District 2

• James. A. Chavez (Unopposed)

CNM District 4

Annette Chavez y Del La Cruz (Unopposed)

CNM District 6

• Layne McAdoo

• Virginia Trujillo

APS District 1

• Madelyn Jones

• Yolanda Montoya-Cordova

APS District 2

• Lauretta Harris

• Peggy Muller-Aragon

APS District 4

• Laura Carlson

• Verland Coker

• Barbara Petersen

Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District

Supervisor 1: Maria Christina Young (Unopposed)

Supervisor 2: Thomas Ivey Allen (Unopposed)

At Large Supervisor

• Daniel A. Conklin

• Daniel F. Lyon

General Obligation Public Safety Bond *

• More than $8.5 Million in GO Bonds for use by the police and fire departments to improve equipment and facilities?

General Obligation Bond: Museum and Cultural Facilities *

• $1,790.000 in general obligation bonds to maintain, expand, enhance and otherwise improve City-owned museums and cultural facilities?

General Obligation Bond: Affordable Housing *

• $5,050,00 in general obligation bonds to support the Workforce Housing Act?

General Obligation Bond: Metropolitan Redevelopment Bonds *

• $8,080,00 in general obligation bonds to support the redevelopment of Metropolitan properties including the Albuquerque Railyards.

General Obligation Bond: Senior/Family Centers. Homeless Center *

• $21,705,000 in GO bonds to enhance, improve or build community centers for families, youth, senior citizens and the homeless?

General Obligation Bond: Parks and Rec *

• $16,830,000 in GO bonds to develop, improve or enhance public parks, swimming pools open space areas, median and bikeways in Burque?

General Obligation Bond: Energy and Water Conservation *

• $10,420,000 in GO bonds to finance the modernization and upgrade of city facilities with an eye toward conservation and renewables?

General Obligation Bond: Libraries *

• $8,764,000 to improve libraries in Albuquerque?

General Obligation Bond: Street Bonds *

• $32,930,000 million in GO bonds to renovate and modernize municipal roads and associated properties?

General Obligation Bond: Public Transportation Bonds *

• About $3 million in GO bonds to improve public transportation around town?

Transportation Gross Receipts Tax

• Shall the City of Albuquerque renew a one-quarter of one percent gross receipts tax specifically dedicated to road infrastructure improvements, ADA improvements, public transit as well as trails and bikeways improvement?

Proposition 1 *

• Proposition 1 would update the language of the Open and Ethical Elections Act.

Proposition 2 *

Proposition 2 would update the language of the Open and Ethical Elections Act to provide eligible residents with “Democracy Dollars.”

APS General Obligation Bond *

• Shall the Board of Education of Albuquerque Public Schools be authorized to issue $1 million in general obligation bonds?

APS Capital Improvements Tax *

Shall the district continue collecting $2 in property taxes from each $1,000 of net taxable value of property in the Albuquerque Municipal School District?

CNM General Obligation Bond *

CNM wants to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $84 million to keep the school at its best.

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