Earwig: Shareable Music Mixes At Alibi.com!

Laura Marrich
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Earwig: Shareable Music Mixes at Alibi.com!
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We just launched a music interface over at alibi.com called Earwig. It’s a place for sound worshippers to create and share their favorite playlists with other amateur mixologists. Sound like you?

Migrate over to
alibi.com/earwig to start making your online mixtape from scratch, or upload your favorite playlists from iTunes or iMeem. You can customize your mixes by renaming playlists, artists and titles, giving them descriptions, adding and dropping music, and rearranging your songs. Or scroll through playlists that other Alibi.com community members have created—you can even hear samples of most of the music.

When you’re done mixing your masterpiece, you have the option of submitting it for judging in an ongoing contest. Makers of the best mixes win $10 in their choice of sonic goods at Charley’s CDs and 33s.

Earwig and the contest are 100 percent free, courtesy of Alibi.com. What are you waiting for? Wig out, already!
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