Monotonix: New Album, Free Song

Laura Marrich
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Monotonix: New Album, Free Song
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We’ve enthused about these guys before ( here, with video, and here, with video, and here, with photos). On Sept. 8, the mad Israelis in Monotonix release Where Were You When It Happened? , the band’s first full-length album—which is sort of unbelievable in light of all the grade-A festival booty it’s been hitting in the last year. But no, this is the official “debut.”

Monotonix’s people over at Drag City Records say the new album, on the heels of last year’s “Body Language” EP, “roils and rocks with frenetic glee, shows a lot of skin, and is over before you know it.” Which fits the live show Monotonix puts on to a shredded-T.

“When everything is going wrong,” they say, “remember that the world is not so bad. Monotonix can release you from the sickness of this world through the prowess of rock and roll.”

Download the MP3 here.
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