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Anne Artley
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( Johny hanging head down from the tree )
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You just broke up with your boyfriend. You flick on your iPod without thinking. It spits up “Walking on Sunshine,” then “Let’s Stay Together,” then the Venga Boys’ “We Like to Party.”

For unforeseen events that don’t come with a playlist,
Stereomood, an internet radio station that matches songs with your mood, provides a personal alternative. A mood bank on the home page offers a selection of emotions to describe the listener’s feelings or activity. As well as the typical “happy,” “sleepy” and “lonely” options, listeners can pull up music for a day when they feel “epic” or “bohemian.” In addition to a range of sentiments, this website also provides background music for “driving on Route 66” or being “lost in Jamaica.”

As I was working on this blog and researching for an article, I clicked on the “writing” playlist for some inspiration. Most of the song selections were soft or mellow, so as not to disturb the creative process. “Our House” by Crosby, Stills & Nash, “These Days” by Nico and “Don’t Worry, I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz, serenaded me as I typed on my laptop.

Users can register for free and add songs they like on the site to a personal playlist. You can also search for music by artist if your mood simply dictates that you listen to an old favorite.
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