Pj Harvey

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
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It’s nourishing to go to any show where a lot of people turn out to watch music. Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly despondent, I wonder if people like music—you know, generally. Even more, I wonder if people like live music. Take it one step further: I’m not sure people like music by women. Or really loud music. Or music that’s even a little bit strange.

And my most favorite music—if we’re really boiling it down—is unusual and made by women.

It was so encouraging to see 1,000 people at Stubb’s (a barbecue house and outdoor venue) following PJ Harvey through her weird chain of personalities.

She doesn’t “rock” like she used to, with her badass guitar playing, etc. I’m not sure why she put down her ax. She was also recently
quoted in an article saying she never encountered any problems in the music industry as a result of her gender. Lucky girl.

Hardly. She’s 40-years-old and about to release her 11th album,
A Woman A Man Walked By, at the end of the month. I’m buying it.
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