Saturday Night’s All Right

For Hot Pants, Anyway

Maren Tarro
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Saturday NightÕs All Right
Migratory hot pants
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A little late, but what the hell. Saturday night I went out to Burt’s to see The Gracchi, Unit 7 Drain and Ya Ya Boom. Great show. Took along some friends that would’ve never gone on their own, and they were in love with life outside the fishbowl.

But the real circus started after the bands laid aside their guitars, and we stepped outside. Girls in hot pants were everywhere! Who doesn’t love hot pants?

Ever since (finally) getting a camera phone, I’ve taken a bit of joy in taking pics of folks at their finest, in this case, chics in hot pants.

Here are a couple of hot pants photos and some of me with Albuquerque’s public servants and homeless. Enjoy!
Saturday NightÕs All Right

Stationary hot pants

Saturday NightÕs All Right

Maren and the APD

Saturday NightÕs All Right

Maren gets carted off to UNMH. (Not really, though.)

Saturday NightÕs All Right

Maren makes a new friend.

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