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The Boston Phoenix and announce The Shins as New Mexico’s Best All-Time Band

July 1, 2008—The Boston Phoenix and announced today the release of its inaugural "50 Bands/50 States" list: a declaration of the All-Time Best Band, All-Time Best Solo Artist, and Best New Band from each of the 50 states. The piece highlights defining moments for each of the 150 winning artists, delivered in the opinionated manner of America’s brashest alternative weekly. The Beach Boys took the prize of California’s Best All-Time Band, while Dr. Dre got the nod for Best All-Time Solo Artist. The list also includes the state’s Best New Band, which was won by Health. The entire list can be found at

The list also includes three people’s-choice awards, in which readers will cast ballots via mobile-phone or online voting in the following contests:

* Minnesota, All-Time Best Solo Artist: Bob Dylan vs. Prince

* New Jersey, All-Time Best Band: the Four Seasons vs. the Misfits

* New Hampshire, All-Time Best Solo Artist: Jon Spencer vs. Ronnie James Dio

"I’m feeling bloodied and bruised," said Phoenix editor Lance Gould. "This list led to so many arguments, hurt feelings, and actual skin abrasions that we could use some medical attention. Luckily, California’s Dr. Dre made the list."
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