Snoop Dogg Gets With Tommy The Clown

Laura Marrich
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Snoop Dogg Gets With Tommy the Clown
“Host a workshop by The Master of Krump in your city” ... and he’s available for birthday parties.
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I somehow ended up on Tommy the Clown’s PR list. He’s the “hip-hop clown” originator of crumping, and the subject of David LaChapelle’s 2005 documentary Rize.

Snoop Dogg recently announced his partnership with famed entertainer Tommy the Clown to create an organization called the C.L.O.U.T. (Changing Lives One Youth at a Time) Foundation. The foundation will aim to provide a creative and social outlet for at-risk youth in order to help avoid the misplaced creative energy which too often results in gang violence, crime, and abuse.

The first event organized by C.L.O.U.T. is a monthly Battle Night. Battle Night, held at the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College’s Grand Theater and hosted and emceed by Tommy the Clown, allows young people to compete and showcase their individual talents before an audience of their peers.  Youth are encouraged to express themselves through drama, dance, song, poetry or comedy.

Geared toward youngsters from middle to high school from the Los Angeles area (with a focus on the underserved communities), Battle Night promotes a positive and self-affirming lifestyle for kids by developing and showcasing their diverse artistic talents. The partnership has a personal meaning to Snoop.

He says, "As a youth I had one teacher who really pushed me to be the best and gave me an outlet to really feel like I could be somebody, and I became successful partly because of his belief in me.  I want to give that to the kids so they know there is more to life than the street hustle or crime.  I have been friends with Tommy the Clown for years and see what he has done for so many people; this partnership is very important to me."

Tommy the Clown agrees, "I am honored to partner with Snoop and establish an opportunity for the kids in our community.  When you have clout, you have strong influence.  I believe the clout both Snoop and I have will help influence these kids to make some positive decisions about their future."

In addition to C.L.O.U.T., Tommy the Clown is preparing for his first National workshop tour. The tour will give both children and adults the rare opportunity to study with the master of Krump and experience his incredibly positive presence and impeccable technique.

The timing for the workshop tour could not be better, as this once little-known dance form has quickly captured the dance world’s spotlight and, more importantly, the hearts of people across the country from all walks of life. To learn more about or make a tax deductible donation to C.L.O.U.T. or to book a workshop with Tommy the Clown in your city, please contact Grit PR & Management at 503/887.2644 or email: For more information about Tommy the Clown, please visit:

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