Sunday Seizures

Emma Crane
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Sunday Seizures
Hail Seizures
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Sunday may usually be for winding down and behaving yourself, but today I encourage you to go to a punk rock show! Hail Seizures is on tour and stopping at the Heaven and Hell show house at 400 Wellesley SE. Hail Seizures, from Olympia, Wash., is acoustic folk/punk, lo-fi, high energy. The lineup includes guitar, toy piano, cello and violin.

Also playing is
Jake Trujillo from Santa Fe, who is seldom ventures out of his cave. If you see him, you will not forget it. He doesn’t sound much like anyone else, with influences as varied as the Pixies and Frank Sinatra. Butt Lumps is also of New Mexico, she plays banjo and guitar with a lot of heart. I haven’t seen her but she seems well worth a shot.

Due to recent troubles with the police, the residents of Heaven and Hell ask that there be no drugs or alcohol at the show, and if possible it is best if show-goers park on Garfield. Still, it’s good music, with good people, in a good place. So be there.

At: 400 Wellesley SE

7 pm

$5 suggested

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