Alibi V.28 No.21 • May 23-29, 2019

Testing the Wind

Even cannabis opponents are giving in

Legalization is starting to look inevitable; restrictions cause product shortages; Bayside Purple appears helpful for those who are suffering from pain but don't want to get put down for the count.


Summer Film Guide 2019

Cops and Kaiju, Superheroes and Scary Toys, Piano Men and Pets

This summer has already been a record-smasher at the movie box office, but movie lovers should not despair; there are plenty more blockbusters to come in the official Memorial-Day-to-Labor-Day summer movie season. Theaters will be overflowing with comedies, action films, horror movies, dramas, biopics and animated features. Which ones should you pick?


The Commodified Emergency

City’s 2020 budget charges for emergency services

Mayor Keller’s proposed 2020 budget calls for an update to the city’s fire code ordinance, which would institute charges for certain emergency services and the money raised would be used to fund 12 additional firefighter positions.

Patterns of Force

On violence and policing in Albuquerque

Mayor Keller met with leaders from all over the state and at all levels and stations of responsibility to discuss plans to bring violence, particularly gun violence, under control in Albuquerque. Among the strategies to be employed: 50 New Mexico State Police officers would be stationed in Albuquerque from various parts of the state.


PRC won't rehear Facebook transmission line case; Deming City Council voted to declare a state of emergency in response to hundreds of asylum-seekers being dropped off there by US Border Patrol agents; oil and gas advocates Power the Future claims emails concerning renewable energy legislation between environmentalists and a member of the governor's cabinet represent a conflict of interest.

Odds & Ends

Funny because being asked to stop French kissing cows happens to someone else.

Sundowner Provides Housing

Rout 66 hotel restored to service

Gone is the corrugated, slate-grey concrete parking lot. Gone are the roaches, rats, bedbugs and other afflictions.


Burque Burgers Bonanza

All the best burgers in the 505, all in one convenient place

For Burger Week, a bunch of restaurants are bringing out their best, and Dan Pennington busted his guts trying them all.

Off the Top Ropes

Last Call’s small menu seriously satisfies

It’s a gamble to limit what’s on offer, but it seems Last Call does exactly what they want to do, and they do it damn well.



Independent Indian romance favors simple interaction over lavish affairs

Those who require hearts, flowers and elaborate musical numbers in their romantic films probably won’t be satisfied by Photograph, but patient viewers sick of overly scripted rom-coms and the unrealistic expectations put upon the characters therein should be happy to drink in this film’s subtle moments of simple human interaction.

We Want Our MTV!

Drink to the Burque Music Video Fest and See One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest on the big screen. Locally-made time travel Western series “Back to Billy” has found a home on Amazon Prime Video and it's time to register for the 24 Hour Film Project.

The End

“Game of Thrones” Goes Away

Last Sunday HBO aired its final episode of “Game of Thrones,” the cable network’s eight-season adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire.”


They’re manhigh

Here, there and everywhere with three rockers

Weekly Alibi meets the beast known as manhigh to talk about the thing called rocanrol.

Monolith on the Mesa

A high desert metal experience

We sent our art department to Monolith on the Mesa. Then they submitted this killer review with photos!

The Musical Summer

UNM brings the strings

UNM Music’s Summer Music Institute is on the way, with concerts, workshops and educational opportunities worthy of the school’s fabled reputation as a cultural hub for Burque.


Planting Seeds

Student artists paint hotel rooms at Nativo Lodge

Through perseverance, lessons about the professional side of the art business and plenty of snacks, two hotel rooms at the Nativo Lodge now bear the distinct mark and creative expression of 15 young artists.

Intimate Public Acts

Miguel Gandert’s Jesus with Romans, Good Friday, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Miguel Gandert’s photograph Jesus with Romans, Good Friday, Santa Fe, New Mexico in the new exhibit Constructed Realities at April Price Projects Gallery offers the viewer a rare opportunity to consider both a perfect photograph and the way photography has changed in recent years.

Alibi V.28 No.20 • May 16-22, 2019

Chicken Hotter Than A Phoenix

FireBird Hot Chicken lives up to the name

FireBird is a great addition to the Heights, offering a wide array of heat choices for some killer chicken.


Televised Triumph

Quote Unquote conundrum comes full circle

The city council’s decision to declare some of the current community cable bidders as non-responsive opens the option of using multiple providers for local public access and community cable content, including Quote Unquote.

Municipal Election Looms

Even-numbered council districts prepare

This November, 2019, voters will decide who will take four seats at the Albuquerque City Council table.

Untroubled Lives

Keller’s agenda continues its advance

Things have changed at city hall, and in no place is that clearer than in official communications coming from the city.


Border Patrol officers dropped off around 100 asylum-seeking migrants at a private bus station in Las Cruces, despite a request from the city to halt the practice; a judge ordered the state to pay the legal fees of two groups that filed a lawsuit alleging the Education Department failed to provide an adequate education; a closed-down prison in Torrance County might reopen to hold Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees.

Odds & Ends

Funny because a misspelling on national currency happens to someone else.



Vegetarian Options on the Rise

Vegetarians are changing the beef game

When you think about the amount of water and time and energy used to raise beef for the US, and it becomes easy to see why there’s been a race to find truly effective vegetarian substitutes for normal meat offerings. With a dramatic shift in the way vegetarian options are created, we’re seeing more originality and variety in the products available.

Destination: Santa Fe

Getting out of your home and comfort zone and into the world at large will help expand your horizons and give you something new to carry with you. This week, we challenge you to take a trip up to Santa Fe and try out one of these cool events they’re holding up there.


The White Crow

Choppy ballet biopic moves through time with wild abandon

The White Crow is an elegant and energetic portrait of an artist, well staged and shot in brief snippets, but the jarringly fractured storytelling, the aggressively choppy editing and the generally unlikable subject keep the film from adding up to much more than the sum of its parts.

Jews in the Desert

Among this week's opportunities are “¡RESILIENCIA! The Experience of Jewish Communities in Spain and the Americas” festival and “Cli-Fi: Altered Futures Through Film and Literature."

Yossarian Lives

“Catch-22” on Hulu

Like Heller’s borderline absurdist novel, "Catch-22" jumps around quite a bit, giving it an overall air of chaos, but casual viewers and nonreaders of Heller may still be at something of a loss trying to piece it all together. Over the course of its six episodes, though, the series really rewards viewers with its mature take on a black comedy classic.


The Art of Kindnesses

Small, positive overt acts of empathy

It was seeing the impact that small, positive, overt acts had on a school day that prompted Melinda Forward to begin the Kindness Club. Weekly Alibi sat down with her to talk about empathy and the role of small, positive things.

Throwing It All Away

McGoldrick’s dumpster full of clouds

Approaching any dumpster is not exactly a thrill, but maybe if you were walking along the path by the river, and then back to your car at the Pueblo Montaño Trailhead with an empty cup in your hand, it might be a welcome sight. Lance Ryan McGoldrick’s dumpster will offer you no comfort in that task. You will be denied. It does not work as a dumpster. You will leave this dumpster full-handed.

Found Objects

Coming up, there's a pinhole photography demo, Fiber Crawl, Pumpgirl, Constructed Reality and the South American Folk Fair.


Bank on This

Support for SAFE Act on the rise

House Financial Services Committee votes to advance SAFE Act to floor; Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act reintroduced; Candy Rain enlivens and stimulates.

Alibi V.28 No.19 • May 9-15, 2019

From the River to the Valley

The inspiration of Mitch Berg

Weekly Alibi sat down with Mitch Berg among the crumbling adobe, repurposed shipping containers and reclaimed scrap metal of his South Valley compound for a conversation about what brought him there.


Summer Guide 2019

Hit the road or staycation for fun in the sun

New Mexico is a seasonal wonderland—whether you stick to the warming concrete environs of Albuquerque or head out into our neighboring counties in search of shade and greenery. To assist you in choosing your summer destinations, Alibi staff members have assembled a calendar of diverse events.

If You Want Shows (You’ve Got Them)

Summer concert season rocks

There are great concert opportunities, inside and out, throughout the summer—and almost every night of the week—in a state that blossoms every year with fresh musical produce rising from the ground here in the high desert.


Asylum, Keller, Comcast

Council approves funds, Mayor approves

It was a packed room filled with lovers and a few haters that greeted the Albuquerque City Council at its May 6 regular meeting.

Ranked Choice Voting and Burque

Local Election Act creates options

Under the Local Election Act reforms, city voters no longer have to worry about different dates for nonpartisan municipal elections, November runoffs, school board or water conservation district elections that happen in the middle of February or randomly throughout the year. But perhaps the most important part of this new law involves the implementation of ranked choice voting.


Judge Heath White has been charged with embezzlement; PED says student test scores will no longer be included as part of annual teacher evaluations; an executive order was signed that protects thousands of acres of state land surrounding the Chaco Culture National Historic Park from oil and gas drilling.

Odds & Ends

Funny because all these butt and poop stories are about someone else.



Big Money Is on Hemp

NM investors psyched for new industry

Hemp to “play a key role” in the diversification of New Mexico's economy and Texas is considering big changes to marijuana policy.



Literary biopic fast-forwards through author’s youth

Brit lit biopic Tolkien is aimed most squarely at the well-mannered BBC set. Those hoping for geeky insider info into the creation of Tolkien’s most enduring literary legacy, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, are advised to quest elsewhere. Those looking for some polite costume drama and a quick run-through of turn-of-the-century British history will find satisfactory fulfillment.

Digital Movies

Historic Guild Cinema goes high-tech (hopefully)

Guild Cinema is fundraising to buy proprietary servers to play encrypted and time-locked movies.

Digital Media Debuts

You should go to UNM Film & Digital Media Department Capstone Premiere, freshmen with a passion for storytelling should checked out the the GRRM "Newcomer" Scholarship and it's no mistake to watch Big Mistake.

Streaming gets specialized

Amidst the balkanization of streaming services, an indie & art house film specialist appears.


Building a Monolith on the Mesa

Heavy music festival rocks Taos next weekend

Weekly Alibi chats with the organizers of Monolith on the Mesa, a three-day heavy rock music festival being held at Taos Mesa Brewing, a funky and far-out venue in El Prado, N.M.

Slayer: Final World Tour

A final look into the abyss

In review: Slayer and Lamb of God at Isleta Amphitheater, Friday May 3, 2019


A Dream of a Tree

The slow, considered art of bonsai

The Albuquerque Bonsai Club shares their work with the public in what has been one of the best-attended bonsai shows in the country.

Found Objects

Coming up there, Bard Crawl: Romeo and Juliet, All I Ever Had of You Were Shadows, Sum of All reception and Out of Doors: Acts of Ecology.