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Better than the original?  [ Mon Aug 23 2010 5:14 PM ]

Now we have to fight. That's too bad, man. I own nunchucks.

Last edited [8/23/10 5:14 PM]
Is this building mostly mild-mannered?​  [ Thu Jul 22 2010 6:00 PM ]

Did someone just make it angry?

What should they turn the Anasazi into?  [ Wed Jun 16 2010 12:16 PM ]

1. House of mirrors and pancakes

2. Church of Unscientology (which is new)


4. Wigs! Wigs! Wigs! and an Arby's

The world listens!  [ Mon May 10 2010 5:49 PM ]

Since Betty kicked ass, there's a new campaign to get Carol Burnett on.

Lily Tomlin!  [ Tue Feb 23 2010 3:05 PM ]

The Incredible Shrinking Woman! All of Me! 9 to 5! Excellent nomination, Amala.

Oh my god, a Teri Garr/Lily Tomlin smirk-off would be comedy gold.

When I read "G*&$#S&m Mother*$%&#*!g​ Supreme Court"  [ Thu May 6 2010 1:11 PM ]

I thought, must be Scalia. That's one salty dog.

Haha  [ Thu May 6 2010 9:52 AM ]


I wouldn't worry. You came across as honest, which is always better than when someone's too guarded or romanticizes what they do. Personally, I don't trust chickens. They're almost as bad as penguins....

The Star Wars Holiday Special  [ Tue May 4 2010 2:37 PM ]

I thought for years that I made it up. I just believed I'd dreamed about a Wookie family: a hybrid of Star Wars, Pigs in Space, and my life. Then the Internet was invented, and I realized that The Star Wars Holiday Special was real and, shockingly, is my very first memory. Sorry, mom and song birds and rainbows and Jesus.

Last edited [5/4/10 2:37 PM]
Thanks, Mike the Pattriot, but...  [ Sat Apr 24 2010 11:19 AM ]

who said I was gay? Maybe I am. But maybe I'm also a heterosexual who's made uncomfortable by homophobia. I hear they exist.

And I'd like for you to explain what you mean by

I never condone violence, just don't bring it down on yourself.

I'm sincerely hoping that you don't mean that someone being gay or, god forbid, "acting gay" is a reason for violence.

But, Pat  [ Thu Apr 22 2010 12:47 PM ]

Have you been afraid for your physical safety because you're a vegetarian? Have you been denied the right to marry another vegetarian? Did your parents disown you because you were born a vegetarian? Did you suffer negative career consequences once it came out you didn't eat meat?

I'm afraid you confuse the issue by equating an innocuous lifestyle choice with a group of people fighting for its right to be treated fairly under the law and within society. A flag isn't about shoving beliefs in anyone's face: it's a symbol that unites those who believe these acts of discrimination are abhorrent. What about that upsets you?

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