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Update!  [ Tue Nov 6 2012 10:23 PM ]

I am so excited to report that Question 6 has passed in Maryland! I may break the exclamation point on my keyboard! I am so proud of Maryland and all its citizens! I'm going to go dance around my living room now!

Assume much?  [ Mon May 3 2010 6:10 AM ]

I am "grown-up" and "keeping a family together". And everyone knows money magically comes from the plastic card I never leave home without.

I got your real deal right here...  [ Thu Apr 22 2010 11:32 PM ]

...and then I lost it. Damn margaritas.

Last edited [4/22/10 11:33 PM]
Hey Wineguy!  [ Thu Apr 22 2010 7:41 PM ]

What's with this "small-time liberal journalist" bullshit? I thought I was a goddess to you. Sigh.

Thanks!  [ Wed Apr 21 2010 8:28 PM ]

And Jackson is a HUGE Glenn Beck follower.

But, they were all very nice to me so I was a little disappointed myself. Of course, I am patting myself on the back (and bottom) a bit for getting them to talk to me.

Ikea addiction  [ Wed Mar 31 2010 1:17 AM ]

I shop at Ikea almost weekly (my apartment looks great). The cashiers have started to recognize us. I feel sorry for people who don't have an Ikea and wonder how I lived before. My favorite part is singing the Swedish Chef song on the way there.

Börk, Börk, Börk!

Nalgas!  [ Fri Mar 12 2010 11:43 PM ]

But, culo says so much more.

Too funny!  [ Fri Mar 12 2010 8:37 PM ]

Joseph, I'm laughing the Mexican side of my ass off. How you managed to work in everything from Malinche to panochita in is impressive. Trabajo bueno y muchos besitos.

Calm down!  [ Sun Feb 7 2010 11:51 PM ]

Small business' hours often change with no notice. If that's all it takes for you to give up on a place, bummer for you.

It's all about the  [ Sun Feb 7 2010 11:47 PM ]

the triple-layer hummus. At least it was. Either they changed it, or the blend is different in Maryland. What happened? I swear the first time I bought it, one of the layer's was spicy (jalapeno, maybe?), one was cilantro and one was plain. I could be wrong, though.

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