Alibi V.28 No.28 • July 11-17, 2019

Take Another Piece of My Kart

Dia De Los TaKos hides joy in plain sight

If ever you felt like there was a lack of weirdness in our food scene, as if the experimentation and intrigue that pushed us to inventive combinations was gone, fear not. Dia De Los TaKos is holding the torch high for all to see that creativity and boldness aren’t gone.

The Latest


Craft Cocktail Week

The rise of the craft cocktail scene comes after decades of alcohol companies putting in the least amount of effort possible for mixed drinks, when bartenders had had enough. No longer were they tossing soda into a well whiskey, but looking at what made an Old Fashioned so iconic, and replicating that methodology with new flavors and experiences.


Beating Swords into Ploughshares

Councilor Davis sponsors gun buy-back

Weekly Alibi caught up with Pat Davis to explain the upcoming gun buy-back event, and why preventing gun violence is key to Albuquerque’s healthy growth.

UNM Must Improve Its Record

University plagued by poor priorities and privilege

Though progress has been made, LULAC is right to call for an investigation into discriminatory hiring practices at UNM.


An audit of Albuquerque's public safety tax has raised concerns about spending practices; city leaders say that they are confident about the electric scooter program, despite the fact that some of the vehicles have gone missing; CYFD has postponed a hearing on a proposal to further limit income requirements for child care assistance.


It’s Only a Northern Show

Summer keeps on rocking

Go to live music shows that you can write about as your hair grows long and your memories more precious. Let’s go, rockers!

Time for Jazz

Festival begins this weekend

July means jazz in New Mexico. The New Mexico Jazz Festival, now in its 14th season, begins this Thursday.


Suit Up

DEA gets sued and sued again

DAE sued over delays in cannabis research applications; Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced the creation of the Cannabis Legalization Working Group; First 48 is perfect for those suffering from depression.

News on the Green

Governor's new cannabis legalization team had their first strategy session and Albuquerque medical cannabis dispensaries suffer break-ins and vandalism.


The Fall of the American Empire

Canadian crime caper gets philosophical by following the money

Though it doesn’t go for all-out laughs, it’s hard not to be amused by the situations and characters in the brainy socioeconomic thriller, The Fall of the American Empire.

A Soldier’s Screening

See A Soldier’s Passage: Conversations from the Last Mile of the Long Walk Home, blast off to E.T. and Spaceballs, and go to the Jewish Film Festival too.

Holiday Hell

Christmas in July on Hallmark

Hallmark has already launched its “Christmas in July” event, amounting to another 31 days of Santa hats, candy canes and kissing. And starting Friday, July 12 at noon, Hallmark goes full-on 24/7 with the Christmas crap.


Lowriders at the Sunport

An Interview with Curator Max Baptiste

Weekly Alibi sat down with curator Max Baptiste to find out more about the lowrider exhibit, the challenges of showing art at the airport and what we can expect in the future.

Seeing the Conflict

Denise Weaver Ross’s Hexagram 6: Sung (Creative Tension)

If there is a hexagram for our country’s current conditions, Denise Weaver Ross’ interpretation of the I Ching’s Hexagram 6 could be the one.

Found Objects

See all of Shakespeare’s plays condensed into a two-hour comedic escapade, the 505 Poetry Slam Scrimmage and a non-digital photography exhibition. Then find out why New Mexico is not the state with the fewest shark attacks.


Patio Gaga

Enjoy your summertime patios

Some exceptional days aside, there’s not much better than eating outside on a summer evening in Albuquerque. The gentle warm air blowing by, the rainbow cascade of a sunset filling the sky, drink in hand while celebrating the beauty of life with a friend and a good meal.

Alibi V.28 No.27 • July 4-10, 2019


Two Tickets to Northeast Heights

Maurreen Skowran for District 8 City Council

This year, District 8 councilor Jones is being challenged by Maurreen Skowran, a progressive Marine Corps veteran with traditional values and an optimistic, forward-looking demeanor.

Living in the Plastic Age

BernCo bans, builds and brings the bosque

Bernalillo County Commission said bye-bye to single use plastic bags and polystyrene foam containers and hello to the Tiny Home Village.


Investigators with the New Mexico Attorney General's Office raided Las Vegas' City Hall offices as well as the home of its mayor; Gulf War refugee was allowed to leave an Albuquerque church without the fear of being deported; Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham told those gathered at a Kids Count Conference that she wants to end child hunger in New Mexico within year.


Nitty and Gritty

Jeff Hanna’s Americana

Weekly Alibi had the opportunity to chat with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band founding member Jeff Hanna ahead of the band’s headlining appearance at Albuquerque’s official Fourth of July celebration.


A Slice of Hope

Restoration Pizza makes an impact in the community

From their amazing mission to their high-end approach to casual dining to their amazing beer list, there’s not a part of Restoration Pizza that doesn’t work.

Pork of July

Pork & Brew is as patriotic as it gets

Never has an event been so succinctly titled. Barbeque. Beers.


Spider-Man: Far From Home

Marvel Universe swings on (while clinging to the past)

Marvel Cinematic Universe has offered up a postscript to the one-two punch that was Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame in the form of Spider-Man: Far From Home. If you like Marvel movies, you’ll like this latest Spider-Man outing. Simple as that.

Strange Brew

There's a “Stranger Things” S3 marathon, Independence Day at the DynaTheater, the Skateway Massacre premiere and the Phoenix, Oregon tour. And filmmakers, your ¡Cine Magnifico! film submission deadline is at hand.

Feelin’ Patri-otter!

Independence Day Around the Dial

Given the combined dangers of stray fireworks, sunburn, mosquitoes and bad potato salad, you should consider spending the 4th of July inside, safely celebrating your patriotism with a marathon of red, white and blue TV.


Beneath the Surface

The Emerging Perspective of Dante Betsch

Weekly Alibi sat down with Dante Betsch, winner of the 2019 Harwood Art Center Solo Exhibition Award as well as the Valerie Roybal Award, to talk about where he is from, his work and what we can expect from him in the future.

Enter the Por:t(ə)l/Pohr:tahl

An Installation by Allyson Packer

Showing artwork that no one can buy presents a fresh set of parameters for both gallery and artist. In Portal/Portal we find an opportunity to consider a space not established to make money, but to be passed through, presumably on our way to some other place where we don’t need to use our imaginations quite so much.

Found Objects

Don't miss Through Her Eyes, Love, Art & Tortillas, A Journey into the Absurd and To Be Continued: A Conversation Series with New Mexico Artists.


Gestures and Moves

Lawmakers make weak signals

Three big pieces of legislation were introduced last week that could have a drastic effect on the marijuana industry and its consumers; New Mexico law decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis went into effect this week; Lemon OG is perfect for those suffering from depression or malaise.

Alibi V.28 No.26 • June 27-July 3, 2019

Strange Times

Congress blocks feds from enforcing drug laws

House votes to block DoJ from enforcing cannabis prohibition, study found CBD exposure elevates liver toxicity, and Summer Breeze would be great for someone suffering from anxiety, depression or exhaustion.


A Progressive Opportunity

Ane Romero can flip District 4

We met with wunderkind politico Ane Romero about her bid to claim District 4 for forward-thinking citizens.

Waiting for the Flood

Trump’s immigration policies affect Burque

The Trump administration’s continued threats to forcibly round up, detain and deport those who do not have perfect immigration documentation is causing fear and confusion among many citizens.


Legislative Finance Committee’s Performance Report Card says that Albuquerque crime trends are down from previous years; regulators are putting a multi-billion dollar plan to divert the Gila River on hold; Bernalillo County presented its plans for a tiny home community to help homeless people transition to new homes.

Odds & Ends

Funny because Donald Trump's apotheosis into a Hindu god happens to someone else.


Are You Not Entertained?

Cedric talks CBS, stand-up and ABQ

Weekly Alibi was graced with a conversation with Cedric the Entertainer. Somehow finding time between his widely famous network TV shows, “The Neighborhood” and “The Last O.G.,” and his ambitious film career, he's touring the country with a new stand-up special.

The Art of ART

Reflecting Burqueño spirit on the bus

This month, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller released renderings of the new ART buses with this statement: “These buses will also have a new distinctively New Mexico look; something to better reflect our Burqueño spirit.”

Found Objects

Check out the poetry of Demetria Martinez, Bad Mouth: Summer Summer, Otila: Linda Frontera and Asteroid Day.


The Folk in California

Echo In The Canyon: The rise and influence of folk rock in America

Echo In The Canyon is a lovingly detailed examination of the ’60s counterculture and inter-band collaboration and inspiration.

Pantera in Town

Filmmakers, the Madrid Film Festival wants your submission and there are only a few days left before the 48 Hour Film Project's early bird deadline. Take a Locations Department class and watch Pantera Negra y Black Panther.

Swing and a Miss

“Holey Moley” on FOX

Sports-reality-game-show-whatsit “Holey Moley" tries too hard to be campy and wacky.


Glee in Gleewood

Southern Gothic for Norteños

Weekly Alibi caught up with Gleewood as they drove toward Roswell for a Friday night gig. Since there weren’t any UFOs flitting about and showtime was imminent, music was the immediate focus of our rather cool conversation.


Flavors Far-out and Familiar

Duke City Kitchen rules AM roost

Duke City Kitchen honors the classics but isn’t afraid to take chances with flavor combos that shouldn’t work.

Counter Talk

The era of entitlement is over

The job of waitstaff is being performed by human beings.

I Can’t Be Musical This Week

Whether you want to relive the joys of childhood with coloring and pizza, hunt down the next big thing in pizza or show off your swallowing prowess at an eating contest, we’ve got you covered with this week’s events.