Alibi V.26 No.40 • Oct 5-11, 2017

Thirst Street

Erotic thriller or winking parody: sexy indie straddles the line

The softcore European erotica of the ’70s had a dark, cautionary edge to it, and Thirst Street carries this inspiration forward into its natural, horror movie extreme.

The Latest


Up, Up and Away

Fiesta fun is floating your way!

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is one of those multi-pronged dealios. While balloons are indeed the main aspect of este fiesta, there're also a heap of other entertaining diversions available for your experiential pleasure.



Balderas demands Maestas step down from APS board, N.M. ranked 8th worst state to be a teacher and Mayor Berry gives last address.

In the Afterglow

November 14 runoff almost certain

The runoff election for mayor of Albuquerque is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 14.

N.M. Environmental Update

The latest about Zinke, LANL and public meetings

Interior Secretary promises a more business-frieldly culture, EPA is terrified of the public and LANL has two criticality incidents in August as well as waste problems.


Readers write about the plot of Kingsman: The Secret Service and seemingly another plot concerning a UNM Press warehouse.


Red Rock Roasters’ New Tasting Room Offers Expert Coffee Classes

The master roasters teach you how to make your cup of joe the best it can be

At Red Rock Roasters' new, renovated tasting room, Coffee Director Rachel Langer aims to not only teach you how to make your daily cup (or three) taste better, but to demystify some coffee trends while sharing tried-and-true methods so you’ll get the most from your morning cup of joe.


Reel World

Attend a Phantasm event in Santa Fe, see Texan-Italian cult comedy Tiramisu For Two or go to a Q&A about Hollywood screenwriting.

Cape Fear

“Marvel’s Inhumans” on ABC/“The Gifted” on FOX

The X-Men’s ongoing trope of “teenage mutants as metaphor for outcast outsiders of all stripes” is wearing a bit thin after more than 50 years, but “The Gifted” works thanks to a solid cast, a gritty look and some propulsive action. Here’s hoping “Inhumans” steps it up.


Until It Was Light

“Listen baby, you can hear the engine ring”

You don't have to indulge in speedy and automobile-like adventures, but you should see some shows this week.


Freedom of the (Small) Presses

Ariel Gore and Tomas Moniz visit ABQ Zine Fest Seven

Ariel Gore and Tomas Moniz have carved out a niche for their distinct approach to exploring and opening the dialogue on family and radical parenting, while simultaneously making room to grow their other writing practices.

Doom Patrol

Latest installation, led by Gerard Way embraces the weird

Doom Patrol stands as a wholly unique work, building and expanding on the groundwork paved by the Vertigo comic-auteurs of the '90s.


News on the Green

Plenty of cannabis news this week, from the city's denial of a dispensary ad, to the governor's illegal vetoes, to various impacts on munchies.

Alibi V.26 No.39 • Sept 28-Oct 4, 2017

That’s So Bomb!

I like it when you say you’re gonna go out ...

Enjoying the wealth and variety of experiences available to hairless apes on planet Earth is something we’re not only very much in favor of, but also a thing which we can help you achieve. We suggest the following musical diversions to add to your own rockin’ repertoire.


Tim Keller for Mayor

Alibi endorses Democratic Auditor

In the big pool of mayoral hopefuls, definition would come through a series of forums where candidates were asked to account for themselves and their campaigns, and this is where Timothy M. Keller distinguished himself the best choice for mayor.


Daughter of APS board member Analee Maestas suspected of embezzlement, no reason to believe N.M. voting system attacked by Russia and Pearce allowed to transfer $11k from his federal campaign to his governors' campaign.

Odds & Ends

Funny because a mannequin was pimped out by someone else. Stolen and returned, I mean. It was stolen and returned with a payment, not pimped out.


Battle of the Sexes

Sporting flashback has a lot to say about gender, sexuality

Battle of the Sexes is about two people trying to figure out who and what they are—at a time when society is happy to dictate exactly who and what they are.

Reel World

See Hidden Figures, Nasario Remembers the Rio Puerco or “High Desert Indie—New Directors Debut." And a $2,000 grant is available to one deserving filmmaker to help pay for post-production costs.

Television Dead Pool

Which of the new fall shows will be the first to die?

Which of the over-hyped, underwhelming new fall TV shows will be the first to face the dreaded ax of cancellation? Place your bets.


Spooky Meets Cute

Angela Oster vamps it up at Stranger Factory

Cute and spooky is a thread that has been running through Angela Oster's life for some time, and it's something she chases in her ethereal works of art, a selection of which will be on display at Stranger Factory.

One Life, One Sentence

Literary project makes a stop in ABQ

Six Words Fresh Off the Boat continues a collection of sentence-long stories, this time tackling migration.

The Art of Exchange

Tricklock's budding residency collaboration with Ndere Cultural Centre

Juli Hendren visits Uganda to document indigenous dance and set up an arts festival and an exchange residency.


Still Spirits Pours Cocktails and Small-Batch Booze

New bar and distillery in ABQ serves excellent drinks in a low-key setting

For years, Zac Hulme and Peter Arathoon have been distilling together as a hobby. In April, they turned their hobby into a business when they opened the cocktail bar and distillery Still Spirits.

Moktezu-Mart Sells Fresh Local Produce Year-Round

New food market to provide produce, prepared foods and community space near UNM

Introducing Moktezu-Mart, an indoor farmer’s market that will be open and selling local produce all year round in the Brick Light District.


Tears over the Year

Card renewal instigates real reflections

Rimni Grammer sets out to find the most cost effective place to renew her medical cannabis license.

News on the Green

Ultra Health partners with Israeli pharma company, cannabis found to be the opposite of a gateway drug, Albuquerque mayoral candidate plans to legalize cannabis in the city, a university opens a "weed college" and Snopes debunks the marijuana-Fentanyl myth.

Alibi V.26 No.38 • Sept 21-27, 2017


Unvarnished memoir of the Boston bombings trades exploitation for emotion

Stronger is a refreshingly down-to-earth look at recent, real-world horrors that is neither “too soon!” nor too manipulative.


A Thinning of the Veil

Discovering Burque’s Pagan community

Weekly Alibi spoke with two locals, both involved in putting on the upcoming Pagan Pride Day, about one of the spiritual paths most closely aligned with the changing of the seasons.


Throw Out Your Gold Teeth

Life is unreal, so go see some shows, dammit!

Plenty of folks who go out to music performances in this town might be characterized as speaking with their wings and the way that they smile. These aural angels make the scene what it is; without them, life really would be unreal.

Sonic Reducer

We review new releases by Train Conductor, Aaron Markland and Constant Harmony.


A Plateful of Tortillas, Please

On Duran Central Pharmacy and the Himalayas

Since 1965, Duran Central Pharmacy has been serving la comida Nueva Mexicana to people that crave an authentic dining experience, with everything made in-house by an OG gang of gastronomes whose loyalty to tradition is unmatched in Burque.

Chile Roasting at Los Poblanos Farm Shop

Armijo Farms roasts and sells fresh chile this Saturday

This Saturday at the Los Poblanos Farm Shop, Armijo Organic Farms will be roasting and selling their unique Sabinal Special chile, grown without pesticides or GMO products.


Questionable History

Southwestern Wellness and a mystery in Taos

Durban Poison removes tension and gives playfulness, White Walker Kush relieves pain and brings a less focused mood.

News on the Green

Verdes moves, increased cannabis use attributed to "period effects," and more of this week's cannabis news.



N.M. will reach prison capacity within two years, UNMH's CEO is retiring and Pete Domenici has died.

Odds & Ends

Funny because blind obedience is given to a computer by someone else.


Readers write about DACA-for-wall deal, gun violence, teaching by example and unsustainable corporatism.


Reel World

Bruce Campbell is selling autographed books, there's a “Let’s Make a Western” fundraiser and Mulan is showing at Civic Plaza.

Pay to Trek

“Star Trek: Discovery” on CBS All Access

CBS launches a new streaming service featuring a new Star Trek series, "The Good Fight", "Big Brother: Over the Top" and reruns of several current CBS shows.


Bead by Bead

Etkie firmly plants its feet in Downtown Albuquerque

At Etkie, Diné artists design and create jewelry with an eye on the broad, modern market (including fashion hubs like New York, Paris and Tokyo) but still connect with tradition.

Found Objects

There's plenty to do this week! BEDtalks, KiMo's Poetry Party and Itzá & Vibrator Nation book signings.


Writer’s work provides a roadmap to New Mexico

Eco-Travel New Mexico offers advice that responsible travelers need to plan a trip which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people.