Arts & Lit
 Alibi V.29 No.36 • Sept 3-9, 2020
Leon Natker

Community Interview

Empathy vs. Hate

New Mexico Holocaust Museum revisited

The New Mexico Holocaust Museum in Downtown Albuquerque is set to reopen this week after the governor lifted a pandemic-related closure. Weekly Alibi took that as an opportunity to sit down with the museum’s Executive Director Leon Natker to talk about the history of hate, its many manifestations and how we can be kinder to each other.
Francisco. Meat department associate, El Paisano Supermarket. Santa Fe, NM, 2020.
Eric Cousineau

Art Magnified

Seeing Labor

Essential Worker by Eric Cousineau

Eric Cousineau was approached by some of the folks at Center in Santa Fe to start the Essential Worker project knowing that he was both a talented portrait photographer and that he was an essential worker at a supermarket. The result is a diverse and growing collection of black and white photographs that document the essential workers here in New Mexico.