Alibi V.29 No.12 • March 19-25, 2020 
Brad Cole

Music History

It Was Beyond Ordinary

Brad Cole discusses Burque’s scene

We talked with preeminent DJ and impresario Brad Cole about the history of the music scene in Burque.
Beastie Boys
/ CC BY-SA 2.0

Show Up!

Music Videos to the Rescue

It may not be live but it is real

No matter what else you have planned for the first night of this gloriously introverted yet illuminating weekend, you can get it all started in a “Grand Royale” way by spending a couple hours checking out some of the most amazingly entertaining and totally def videos out there in YouTube land.

Sonic Reducer

Star Canyon Quarry · McKernin Edna Heart Attack · Gemiini Modern Day Cowboy

We review albums by Star Canyon, McKernin Edna and Gemiini.