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 Alibi V.16 No.15 • April 12-18, 2007 

Neverending Stories

Proposed Tax Subsidy for Desert Rock Power Plant Dies in the Legislature

A bill that would have granted an $85 million tax break for the construction of a coal-fired power plant on a Navajo reservation in northern New Mexico died in the Legislature late last month. The Navajo Nation and Sithe Global Power, a New York-based energy company, lobbied for the subsidy [Re: News Feature, “Absolute Power,” March 8-14], but were unable to convince legislators that the plant would be a worthy investment of New Mexico tax dollars.

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News Bite

Albuquerque Sees the Green Light: Switching to CFLs

The Sierra Club and the local faith community want Albuquerque to see the light. Not through spiritual transcendence or a religious epiphany, but by way of Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs, or CFLs.

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Council Watch

Balloons: 1, Wal-Mart: 0

The April 4 meeting kicked off with a staple appearance by Albuquerque Animal Control, which featured a police officer parading a terrier puppy on the floor of the City Council. Once the puppy was whisked from the scene, the meeting went from sweet to serious, with city councilors focusing their attention on a bill that would approve the city’s purchase of a large plot of land in a small subdivision in the Vista del Norte neighborhood. The plot is nearby Balloon Fiesta Park and is used as a landing site by the majority of balloons that take flight over the city. The site was being eyed by other bidders, namely big-box stores, with Wal-Mart as the lead contender.

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D.I.A. Captain Carson B. Demented takes a hard fall during a Santa Fe exhibition match at the Genoveva Chavez Community Center in December.
Tina Larkin

Sports Preview

Underdogs Strive to Catch Derby Champs

Unbreakable, unbeatable, a runaway champion—the challenge last year for any team squaring off against the Doomsdames was to not be totally flattened, to emerge with a respectable loss score.

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The Real Side

Voter Fraud Fraud

The GOP’s own dishonesty

David Iglesias’ hold on the U.S. Attorney’s office began slipping when he didn’t prosecute anyone for fraud in the 2004 election. Iglesias says his federal-state task force found nothing to prosecute. Republicans threw a temper tantrum. Sen. Pete Domenici passed it along to the White House and Attorney General. Iglesias is now looking for a new job.

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Sex and (Bad) Politics

Our overreaction to the HPV vaccine, and Richardson's mistake

It almost isn't surprising. Almost.

At this moment in the history of our country, we should no longer be shocked by puritanical ideals sneaking into our politics, by our culture's simultaneous loathing and worship of sex, by some of our leaders'--and some of our citizens'--heartbreaking disdain for science. Yet, somehow, the jaws of disbelief still manage to unhinge and swallow us whole. Or maybe it's just me.

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Burlesque's Real Tease—Since new burlesque gained popularity in Albuquerque several years back, I've tended to confusedly take issue with the distinction between it and other forms of titillating clothing removal.

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Ortiz y Pino

What Makes Bill Run?

How Richardson could win the presidency

According to the New Mexico Legislature, the Official State Question is “Red or Green?”

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Odds and Ends

Odds & Ends

Dateline: Croatia--A man thought he had come up with the perfect crime, but it didn’t quite turn out the way he expected. Dragos Radovic, 25, was arrested for smuggling at Zagreb airport after flying in from Bangkok, Thailand. Customs officials became suspicious when they saw the top of a bag he was carrying appeared to be moving. When they asked him to open his luggage, they found 175 chameleons stuffed into the bag. The endangered reptiles are reportedly worth nearly $100,000 on the black market. Radovic paid just $150 for them in a Thai market. Radovic had assumed that the chameleon’s color-changing abilities would make them impossible for customs officials to detect. “The man who sold them said they changed color to make them invisible against any background, but it did not work,” said Radovic. Vets who were called to treat the reptiles said they were dehydrated and distressed from the long flight.

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Regarding the article about Louisiana-based Location Manager Wise Wolfe turning Albuquerque into Pittsburgh, Penn. [Profile, “On Location,” April 5-11]. Having worked as a location scout on Wise's staff I would just like to add that he had a crew of hard-working and diligent New Mexicans helping him solve that seemingly impossible task—to say nothing of the Art Department and their crew performing their magic as well. I enjoyed working for Wise and know he would be the first to acknowledge the help and contribution made by many of the local crew.

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