Ghost Shadow Remains ... Shadowy
 Alibi V.18 No.9 • Feb 26-March 4, 2009 


Ghost Shadow Remains ... Shadowy

Green Scorpion patrols Phoenix and sometimes Albuquerque. But the Duke City has her own hero roaming the streets. Meet Ghost Shadow. Except that’s not his real superhero name. He wanted a pseudonym for his pseudonym.

No matter how much begging this reporter did (and there was a fairly undignified amount) he wouldn’t speak to the Alibi in person or on the phone. Instead, he created an e-mail address to use just to answer questions.

He’s among the hardcore set of real-life superheroes and isn’t interested in publicity. He doesn’t maintain a MySpace profile—or any online presence.

He’s not verbose in this e-mailed exchange, but these words come to you direct from the keyboard of ... Ghost Shadow. (Again, not his real name.)

Do you patrol Albuquerque?

Yes. Don’t randomly "patrol" often. I usually go out looking for specific people who need a talking to.  

How often? Where?

Varies; seedier areas.

Have you stopped any crime or helped anyone?


Why, unlike many real-life superheroes, do you prefer to remain under the radar?

I have enemies and plan on having more as time passes.

What inspired you to do this? Was there a Eureka moment?

Personal experiences with crime.

How did you decide on your name?

It's a literary reference.

Do you live in Albuquerque?

Not full time, but I have a place there.

Do you wear a costume? Do you wear it while you patrol? Does it ever freak anyone out?

Most of what I wear while working blends in. I have a mask, but I rarely wear it. Masks and flashy costumes attract attention.

Is your costume comfortable?

Yes. I made sure that nothing gets in the way. If it does, I lose it or move it.

What are its most interesting components?

Kevlar panels sewn into lots of areas. I cut apart a few old vests to get the raw materials.

Has your costume gone through many iterations?

Nope. I'm a planner.

Do you carry a gun?

I'd rather not say.

How has your life changed since taking on hero duties?

I have some hope for the future.

Does anyone know your identity?


How old are you?


How long have you been doing this?

Started around 9/11. That was the last straw. That got me in motion.

Will you ever stop? What would make you consider leaving the hero role?

It would take a crippling injury or maybe getting married. I don't know if I would keep doing this if I had loved ones to worry about.

How serious are you about this?

Damn serious.

What do you think of other superheroes?

A few seem solid. Never met any in person.