Alibi V.29 No.3 • Jan 16-22, 2020

EXPO New Mexico Backs Down

Settlement details released

Details have been made public about a settlement that was reached last summer between EXPO New Mexico and Ultra Health; a state senator and lawyer is asking a judge to allow medical cannabis patients under house arrests to have access to their meds; Florida state agencies are trying out a THC testing kit to distinguish "hemp" from "marijuana."


Year in Review

Weekly Alibi's online presence continues to grow and gain traction in an internet-dominated media landscape that has made news available to truth-hungry audiences all of the time.


Reclaiming Disposable Beauty

Sayaka Ganz’s Reclaimed Creations

Sayaka Ganz takes old spatulas, spoons, clothes hangers and other such ubiquitous household plastics and finesses them into graceful sculptures of animals in motion. Weekly Alibi sat down with Ganz at the museum to talk about plastic, process and the tyrannosaurus in the lobby.

Gilded Aging

Happy Birthday by Jana Opincariu

In Jana Opincariu’s Happy Birthday, we find our view smack-dab in the middle of an emergence scene of the invertebrate kind.

Found Objects

This is the week for Bad Dates, Punch Out the Casket, Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México de Silvia Lozano and Sea Turtle Awareness Day.


Having Fun With Noods

Fun Noodle Bar sets perfect example of how to do noodles

With the University area having the Noodle District comfortably operating at this point, the expansion has to begin in new places. Fun Noodle Bar fits perfectly in the Heights and residents will be having fun there for a long time.

It’s Time To Let Go of Bags

Plastic bag ban is step in right direction for city

Many don’t remember, but there was a time in New Mexico history when people said the state bird was a plastic bag, because wherever you went, you would be sure to see one lazily drifting through the sky, hanging in a tree and flapping its metaphorical wings noisily above the streets.
Justin Ryberg

Soup for Your Soul

There are few things more terrible in this world than being cold, but thankfully, we as a people have come up with soup, the great equalizer of cold. It fills us not just with nourishment, but also heat.


News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on a first-of-its-kind congressional subcommittee hearing on cannabis policy and new research that suggests early onset cannabis users exhibit impulsivity when driving.


The City’s State

Celebration notes progress, marks challenges

Though the Keller administration has indeed been successful in a multitude of ways and there are a solid set of reasons to be hopeful, his speech made clear the problems the local administration faces.


A number of sheriffs across New Mexico are speaking out against proposed “red flag” gun legislation; New Mexico Environment Department is fining the Air Force for contaminating water at a base near Clovis; New Mexico Homeland Security came under fire when officials asked an Iranian American cultural group if they'd seen any suspicious activities.


The Devil Made Don Do It

A reader writes a short letter about Trump's sense of responsibility, as well as his honesty, sanity and benevolent nature.



Newest version of animal-filled fable does a little

Dolittle has just enough fantastical visuals and innocuous one-liners to appease the family audiences it’s aimed at.

Start ’Em Young

Go see No Small Matter, Le Havre, Canes of Power and the No Man's Land film festival.

Primetime Is Crime Time

“Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt For the Bone Collector” on NBC

Glossy, silly and awfully familiar, “Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt For the Bone Collector” is exactly the sort of unbelievable but entertaining crime series TV viewers go for.


The Ground Beneath Rises

Steve Civerolo is back in black

Here’s a bit of what Steve Beneath—and new drummer Seth Beneath—told Weekly Alibi about being in a metal band in Burque in the year of our metal lord 2020.

Alibi V.29 No.2 • Jan 9-15, 2020


The Next Blue Wave

Chatting with Miranda van Dijk of DPNM

To find out more about the direction the Democratic Party in New Mexico is taking as 2020 carries us toward the November election, Weekly Alibi chatted with Miranda van Dijk, the new Communications Director for Democratic operations.


AG appeals appeals Heath White warrant invalidation and asked legislators to update current hate crime statute to protect homeless; complaints filed against Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute over lab monkey deaths.

Odds & Ends

Funny because being flayed for your tattoos happens to someone else, mercifully dead.


ABQ as Crime Mecca

A reader writes about cops, courts and politicians.

Sex in the Burque

Ask a drag queen your burning questions in Alibi’s exclusive advice column

Nothing is hard about drag.


A Look Underwater

See "Hidden Pacific", the Madrid Film Festival, "Get Tony Scarboni" and "Ageless Living."

TV News

Televised tidbits from around the dial

Several new shows are coming to TV.


The Art of Signs

Finding a deeper meaning in their words

Consider four of the seemingly most confusing of Albuquerque’s street signs and see if we can find a deeper understanding in what they are trying to tell us.

Found Objects

See Reclaimed Creations, Motherhood, Barbells & T-Shots, Made in New Mexico IV: Annual Group Show, The Peking Acrobats and Bauhaus: Art and Design for the Future.


Smooth Style of Syncopation

Kristy Hinds and her Strange Religion

Weekly Alibi speaks with Kristy Hinds to find out more about her music, her life and her ability to create and perform knowing, no-nonsense pop-jazz with a kick.


Copper Canyon Cafe Holds Tradition

How we find joy in simplifying

The plate hits the table and you feel as if you’re in Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, with its straightforward presentation and simplicity lending an air of ’50s diner status to your meal. You don’t have to overthink it, there’s not such a complex palette of flavors at work that your mind is required to process. It’s just good in the way it should be, direct and upfront.

Get Busy Noshing

NoshFest prepares for 3rd annual celebration

Despite our estimated population of over 24,000 Jews currently living in Albuquerque, we’re a bit hard up for Jewish-centric eateries but at NoshFest, a mix of local and Jewish cuisine will come together all in one convenient space to help get you the nosh you need.

Weekly Specials

Now that we're in The Roaring ’20s 2: Electric Boogaloo, it's time to get back to the usual pace. Here are three events for your viewing pleasure, and hopefully at least one of them fills your need to get out and explore.


Start Your Engines

Legalization bill to be pre-filed

Bill to legalize recreational marijuana is pre-filed; Coca-Cola denies CBD soda rumor; Major League Baseball removes marijuana prohibition; regular cannabis use can cause dangerous changes in heart.

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on a first amendment ruling in favor of a local medical cannabis provider and its international reflection in cannabis tech companies’ fight to be included at the world’s largest consumer tech expo.

Alibi V.29 No.1 • Jan 2-8, 2020

White Sands Forever

A monument becomes a park

You may now use the phrase White Sands National Park to refer to a relatively small and totally awesome portion of the stark desert landscape south of here.


News Lab 2020

The crime, the police, the solutions

Law enforcement should be a community-positive, readily recognizable, mutually coordinated series of events.


The Mayor of Las Vegas has been charged with six felony bribery and abuse of power counts; the New Mexico Gas Company filed a rate increase request with the PRC that would add up to a 4.2 percent increase; an Illinois-based company that develops wind farms won a bid for thousands of acres of New Mexico state trust land.


Stay In Your Lane

The readers write about ART bus crashes and how to get information on candidates for public office.



Head First into 2020

An interview with Judson Frondorf

Weekly Alibi sat down with Judson Frondorf to talk about what’s old, what’s new and what he has in store for his new show.

Guess Who

The slides of Walter McDonald

In 1969, the fledgling Albuquerque Museum hired photographer Walter McDonald to take pictures of Albuquerque. 50 years later they are full of life in a bustling, colorful time in our history.

Found Objects

This is the week for stories of survival, First Free Friday at MoCNA, Free Sunday at the Museum of International Folk Art and Bosque Wild: Guided Nature Walk.


A Hidden Life

Saying “no thanks” to Nazis

A Hidden Life paints a picture of times that are hard, but reminds us that solace, and even beauty, can be found in our own convictions.


Egg and I No More

Sunnyside Up inhabits local scene, breaks corporate ties

It’s not terribly common to see a national chain convert to local. Sunnyside Up has proved they know what they’re doing and don’t need some big corporate board to help them. They’re one of us now, and we should be thankful that the Heights has more breakfast options to choose from.

Hashtag 2020 Goals

On embracing this city’s growth spurt

We can sit here all day and talk about all the new wonderful things changing and expanding in Albuquerque, but when we get down to brass tacks, none of that means a thing if we don’t engage it.

New Year, Existential Me?

Who are we if not continually changing and evolving creatures? As you hunt new events and planning out your week ahead, be the new you!Wee


Never-Ending Apocalypse

Trump sort of makes vague threat

Trump threatens to violate the law in order to execute the law; almost three-quarters of New Mexico voters support the legalization of recreational cannabis; Hemp producers say their first year hasn't gone well.

Cuban Linx at Verdes Foundation

The pep that Cuban Linx offers to be a good boost for a dejected or distracted person’s day and its attentive feeling would make it useful during social situations.

News on the Green

Samantha Anne Carrillo reports on the pending filing status of legislation to legalize recreational cannabis in New Mexico and the first day for legal cannabis in Illinois.